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Lawsuit: Man Accidentally Walks Toward Women’s Bathroom in D.C. Club, Bouncers Break His Leg

Picture this: It's dark, there's music playing, and you're in a nightclub with some friends. You need to go to the bathroom, but you can't really see, so you walk in the direction of the women's bathroom instead of the men's room, where you're supposed to go. But before you reach the door—BOOM—a bouncer forcibly pulls you [...]

District Flea Goes on Hiatus

District Flea, the Florida Avenue NW flea market, is going on hiatus indefinitely, one of the market's organizers wrote in an email to its vendors Tuesday. The market will not be open this Saturday.
The weekly flea market is a spin-off of the popular Brooklyn Flea, which showcases high-end local vendors in Brooklyn. The market is similar [...]

Photo: Man in White Suit

14th and U Streets., NW.  April 14th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

This Week’s Page Three Photo

1300 Block of U Street NW, March 30
Page three photos are also in this gallery.

Sonia Sotomayor’s Neighbors Totally Have a Crush on Her

Supreme Court justices: They have homes, just like us. And while the New York Times may have pioneered the "Sonia Sotomayor lives on U Street" genre, the Post has a new contribution that proves, conclusively, that Sotomayor's neighbors are engaged in a condo association-wide crush on the justice.
Just take a look at the evidence.
They treasure [...]


Washingtonians opposed to development could soon find themselves facing something new: residents who support liquor licenses, want to see more construction, and are actually organized. And if that happens, it'll be due in small part to the proposed U Street NW liquor moratorium.
"I feel like the current system basically gives a heckler's veto to a [...]

Looking Like a Gentrifier Gets Man Driven Out of U Street

Most of the talk about being getting pushed out of the U Street area focuses on longtime residents who can no longer afford the area. But according to music writer John Murph, gentrifiers—or at least people who look like them—can be pushed out too.
Writing on the Root D.C. today, Murph says that he never thought [...]

No Charges for Dwight Harris

It's a reversal of fortune. Dwight Harris was once scheduled to face a judge tomorrow morning for resisting arrest and drinking in public. But after video of two transit cops slamming the wheelchair-bound man to the ground outside the U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro stop surfaced last month, all charges have been dropped, according [...]

MPD Cop Would Have Handled Wheelchair Arrest Differently

DCist pointed to a disturbing video this weekend: A man in a wheelchair was tackled out of it by Metro Transit cops and arrested. The incident, which happened in broad daylight outside the U Street/Cardozo station on the Green and Yellow lines, attracted jeers and protests from bystanders and left the man bleeding. Metro responded [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: In Transit Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
Parking Fairies: From the Bloomingdale blog comes an announcement by a local resident who has convened a "parking focus group" because, "...CM Thomas and Dr. Johnson expressed that they wanted to empower members of the community to take charge [...]

Last Train Home?

When it comes to late-night weekend ridership, Metro's most popular stops are not surprising: Dupont Circle, U Street, and Gallery Place. (If that raw data's hard to grasp, Greater Greater Washington made this very handy graph.) While that's probably not all late-night revelers, all those stops are inside the District—so some District officials don't want [...]

Impact! City Desk Helps Eliminate Pesky Manhattan Bus Stop

Suck it Malcolm Gladwell! In last week's New Yorker magazine, the author and journalist took aim at social media. Well, Malcolm, explain this please.
On Tuesday, I blogged in this space about how a new D.C.-Brooklyn discount bus line had a critical failure: a stop at Penn Station in Manhattan. Going through Manhattan sort of defeats the [...]

The Saloon: Restaurant That’s Really a Pub Will Soon be a Tavern

Shortly after his appearance before the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on Wednesday, despite having a somewhat slight build, Kamal "Commie" Jahanbein stubbornly rolls heavy metal kegs of German lager through a door that leads into his darkened establishment.
Moments ago, with the same stubbornness, he had told the board he wasn't [...]

New D.C.-Brooklyn Bus Service Has Critical Flaw: Manhattan

Last week, Prince of Petworth relayed the news of a new bus service, the knowitExpress, between the District and New York City. But the terminal locations—U Street NW in D.C. and Park Slope in Brooklyn—are places not currently served by discount intercity bus service. And they're places to get excited about.
As Brooklyn365 notes, "this bus route [...]

Bryan Weaver on Jamal Coates

Ward One community activist Bryan Weaver has been all over the news lately schooling every reporter parachuting into his neighborhood on Jamal Coates, the recent history of crew-related shooting deaths, and the entrenchment of these crews in Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights. Today, Weaver wrote his own essay on Coates for Greater Greater Washington in [...]