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Photo: Election Night Kiss

1300 Block of U Street NW, November 7

Photo: Boxer

7th and U Street, NW.  April 13th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Photo: Man with Bubble Guns

1200 Block U Street, NW.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

Today in D.C. History: School Cafeteria ‘Unfit for Human Habitation’ Closes

On April 8, 1994, D.C. officials shuttered the cafeteria at Garnet-Patterson Middle School, declaring the dining hall "unfit for human habitation."
Complaints over the school's physical condition had begun a month earlier, when Darren Jones, then president of the Pleasant Plains Civic Association, had filed complaints about the building's upkeep after he toured the facility the [...]

Today in D.C. History: Rioting Spreads Following MLK’s Assassination

On April 5, 1968, civil disorder that had started the night before after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination in Memphis turned into a full-scale riot in the District, prompting a federal response to protect the government and restore order on the streets.
The night before, local African American organizers—including activist Stokley Carmichael—had begun ordering stores [...]

Photos: Hardcore Matinee

Photo: Red Suspenders

900 Block U Street, NW. © 2011 Matt Dunn

Photo: Man on 92 Bus

1100 Block U Street, NW. © 2010 Matt Dunn

Neighborhood Responds to Death Outside DC9

The flyer on the front door at DC9 still reads “Roof Deck Open Tonight,” but in light of the death of 27-year-old Ali Ahmed Muhammed early Friday morning outside of the club, that hardly seems likely. And while the truth of what happened is still unclear, the incident is having an effect on the surrounding [...]

Police Provide U Street Shooting Narrative

This afternoon, the Metropolitan Police Department provided their first written narrative of events concerning yesterday's drive-by shooting along U Street that left 21-year-old Jamal Coates dead. Last night, police arrested Brandon Miller for Coates' murder. Miller was arraigned in D.C. Superior Court this afternoon. The police narrative was filed with the court post- at the [...]

Photo: This Week’s Page Three

1300 Block of U Street NW, July 10

Our Morning Roundup: Beat by the Heat Edition

Good morning, Washington! As far as heat waves go, D.C. has been putting in a pretty impressive performance this week. Yesterday temperatures peaked at a sweltering 102 degrees, a record for the day. While today will be a bit cooler—the balmy mid-90s!—a heat advisory will still be in effect from noon until 9 p.m.
The rising [...]

Is There Still Room For Seniors at the New 15th and U?

Troy Johnson has mixed feelings about his balcony. His 10th-floor perch affords him scenic views of his Northwest D.C. neighborhood. But maybe too scenic. “Look up and down U Street,” he says, “It’s a gold mine up there.”
Johnson, 75, a retired Service Employees International Union organizer, lives in the Campbell Heights [...]

Photos: Man in Window

Our Morning Roundup: D.C. Was Cool In The ’70s

I was born in 1973. According to last night's hour-long WETA documentary, Washington in the '70s, I missed a golden time that included the birth of home rule and go-go, Petey Greene, and Marion Barry before he sold out. Even more remarkable, the documentary showed that there was a time when the District's own residents [...]