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MPD’s Twitter Feed Is Awesomely Artistic

Yes, the Metropolitan Police Department Twitter feed is useful for things like news and crime alerts. But it's also an exemplary showcase of the possibilities of integrating social media with what appears to be old-school Microsoft Paint. The results can only be described as avant-garde.
Take this tweeted pictured from today, for instance, informing followers that [...]

A Thousand Points About Lights

The scaffolding on the Washington Monument got a makeover this week. Now swathed in blue fabric and 488 lamps, it will be lit up each night until repairs from the August 2011 earthquake are complete.
The idea to dress up the monument as it’s under construction nothing new: The illuminated blue “dress” is based on a [...]

Train in Vain: Which Metro Twitter Grouch Is For You?

There are bad Metro trips, and then there are terrible ones, the kind without air conditioning, working escalators, or accurate travel information. The latter has inspired an entire Twitter subculture devoted to picking apart the transit agency's failings—one that's become so vocal that Metro's Twitter handler actually blocked @FixWMATA, one of its most prolific nags. [...]

D.C.-Area Twitter Users More Bigoted Than National Average

A group of academics and Humboldt State students have produced a heat map of which U.S. cities use slurs most on Twitter, and there's bad news and good news for Washington. The bad: Washington-area residents send more bigoted tweets per capita than the study's average. The good: Those tweeters are only slightly more bigoted.
Take the [...]

Office Space Joke Gets GWU Student a Visit from Police

Office Space jokes: They're dated, but are they also threatening? Referencing the 1999 comedy earned one George Washington University a visit from campus police earlier this week, as well a request to sign a statement saying that he wouldn't burn down university buildings.
The trouble for freshman Ryan W. Moorman started on Wednesday, according to the [...]

WPFW’s DC Politics Hour Loses a Host

After two and a half years co-hosting WPFW's local news-heavy DC Politics Hour, political consultant Chuck Thies tells City Desk that he's leaving the program after tomorrow's episode.
"I gotta step away from the mic," he says. "I'm not bringing my A-game."
Thies says he's been too busy with consulting work to keep up with local politics [...]

D.C. Residents: I Voted (for Me!)

Sure, plenty of people had the good taste to write-in Ian McKaye as their pick to take one of the two at-large seats on the D.C. Council. But plenty of others weren't so modest—completing ballots which featured themselves. Hey, sometimes you have to do things yourself.
Voted for myself as a write-in candidate for DC council... [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton Mass-Deletes Debate Tweets

Update, 1:30 p.m.: Norton's spokesman has explained, sort of.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton debuted a spicy new social media presence during last night's presidential debate, tweeting that Mitt Romney "shot his whole wad" and repeatedly spelling Barack Obama's name "Oboma." The tweets prompted one person to ask if she was drunk. For her part, Norton blamed [...]

Kwame Brown Wound Up On Twitter About Go-Go

There's some grousing that Kwame Brown's most recent tweets are surprising, since they don't reference his criminal charges or resignation. Rather, he's still defending his statements about go-go and its detractors at Chuck Brown's funeral.
@IMGoph @mffisher it had nothing to do with Marion Barry's comments of the pastIt was not targeted to offend anyone.
— Kwame [...]

In Which Two Washington Post Sportswriters Debate Post Policy, Over Twitter

If you're not following Mike Wise and Dan Steinberg on Twitter, you may have missed their discussion this afternoon of allegations that former Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams paid bounties for his players to hurt opponents. Wise said he had more dirt than that on Williams; said dirt then followed.
Read the exchange here:
Gregg Williams [...]

District of Criticism: Mayor Gray’s New Twitter Avatar

Some things are naturally subject to critique: New albums, art shows, movies, restaurants. District of Criticism is here to review everything else.
Last spring, Mayor Vince Gray launched his Twitter account, and since then, his (or his staff's) laid back, responsive style has garnered him more than 6,000 followers and a Klout score of 57. His [...]

Tweet of The Year?

(For reference)

The Needle: ‘Social Media Is Hot Right Now’ Edition

Tweet On, You Crazy Diamond: Mike DeBonis confirms that former Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry is, indeed, tweeting his own tweets from a brand new Twitter account. “The social media is hot right now,” he says. “I want to keep in touch with technology. I want to stay in touch with the young people.” Sample tweet: "@KwameBrownDC WELL [...]

The Needle: Save Us, John Beck, You’re Our Only Hope Edition

Eat Your Vegetables: For years, stereotypes of D.C. dining began and ended with lobbyists sitting in steakhouses, carving up the world along with their filets. That's now well out of date—and as a new survey shows, D.C. apparently has the highest percentage in the country of diners who eat vegetarian meals when visiting restaurants. Don't [...]

The Needle: Ticketron Edition

For Tickets, See Jack: District campaign finance law allows members of the D.C. Council to raise up to $80,000 a year for constituent service funds, outside of their tax-funded office budgets and their campaign accounts. The idea is supposed to be to use these to pay for things like electrical bills or heating costs that [...]