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Bike Karaoke Could Be Coming to D.C.

District Karaoke, one of Washington's most competitive karaoke leagues, could soon be going mobile. The group, which just finished its fall city-wide finals, has started raising money on Kickstarter to create a bike-borne karaoke machine.
"I can only imagine," says District Karaoke founder Jesse Rauch. "We go down to the National Mall and go to that [...]

Photos: Tweed Ride 2011

Tweed Ride Gallery.  400 Block I Street, NW.  Nov. 13th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Real D.C. Schedule Conflicts to Avoid

The big story for political operatives and reporters yesterday was the back-and-forth between the White House and Republicans in Congress over when, exactly, President Barack Obama would head up to the Capitol to make a speech about getting the economy back on track that the Republicans in Congress would then ignore.
Obama had proposed delivering the [...]

Photos: More Tweed

Photos: Tweed Ride Polaroids

The Friday Limerick Review

For walkers, this week was bad luck
While crossing the street, two were struck
Sure, fate is capricious
But why not delicious?
Heck yes, I'd get hit by this truck
It sure seems that Metro's bemoaning
The change that had riders all groaning
With kiosks outmoded
Make fares auto-loaded
Not yet, though, 'cause Catoe's postponing
I'm sad to see Cephas depart
For with him, that man [...]

Tweed-Wearing Dandy Cyclists to Attack D.C. Nov. 15

Don your plus-fours and button up your waistcoat! Dandies and Quaintrelles, a mysterious group of District fops, is planning the first-ever D.C. Tweed Ride, during which people who dress like this (though that cycling machine would never pass muster) will circumnavigate notre petite ville, tittering at bon mots and, one hopes, moving quickly enough to [...]