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D.C. Had ESPN’s Highest Rating for the U.S.-Ghana World Cup Game

It didn't only feel like everyone in town was watching the World Cup Monday night—they actually were.
The U.S.-Ghana match in Natal, Brazil, got a higher rating in D.C. than anywhere else in the country last night, ESPN said Tuesday. A total of 11.1 million people per minute were watching the game nationwide; in D.C., the broadcast [...]

Taxi Sting Reveals Cabbies Ignoring Nearly Half of Disabled Passengers

Local TV sting-meister Russ Ptacek returned to the taxi discrimination beat yesterday, and he still doesn't like what he sees.
This time, instead of testing how many drivers passed up black passengers, Ptacek saw how they reacted to people with disabilities. The results were ugly—48 percent of the cabs Ptacek and his crew tested wouldn't pick [...]

Presidents Race Will Have a Vice-President for the Night

Everyone who said the Nationals' presidents race was over after Teddy Roosevelt won were wrong. That's because the real bad news for the  costumed faux-presidents will come Tuesday, when Teddy and his four counterparts are joined by a replica Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The Post reports that Foam Elaine will team up with Teddy in the race as [...]

The Needle: Bathtub Win

Our Biggest President: William Howard Taft's great-grandson declares his ancestor's inclusion in the Nationals' presidents race "cute." +3
Spy vs Alt Weekly:Washington City Paper had a small screen cameo in last week's episode of FX's The Americans, as undercover Soviet agents communicated with each other in our classified section. Tune in this week, as City Paper [...]

Wendy Rieger: Still the Best

Is there anything NBC4's Wendy Rieger can't do? Her coverage of Hurricane Sandy made the storm bearable ("It just goes all flat...Kinda like my datin’ life."), and now she's started swearing on-air!
An early return from commercial break yesterday caught Rieger saying, "Shoot the shit, it's really funny." Later that day, Rieger apologized for the slip.

Fox 5 Anchor Announces The “N*gger Inaugural”

There's a list of words that TV reporters should never say, and it must be racing through their heads whenever the camera's on. Don't say it. Don't say it.
Well, Fox 5's Holly Morris said it. In a morning broadcast yesterday on extravagant inauguration deals, Morris fell over herself and declared the Willard Hotel the spot [...]

D.C. Won’t Prosecute David Gregory Over Gun Magazine

Looks like NBC's David Gregory won't have to turn to the life of a fugitive, after all. Despite waving around a 30-round magazine that's illegal under District law on a Dec. 23 Meet the Press broadcast, Gregory won't be prosecuted, D.C. attorney general Irv Nathan announced in a letter this afternoon.

Porn Virus “Crippling” WJLA Computers

When an attachment's named something like "sexy.exe," how do you not click it? That kind of thinking is exactly what's landed WJLA's Rosslyn newsroom in trouble today, DCRTV reports. According to a newsroom memo, a porn-themed virus circulating through the newsroom is wreaking havoc.
"If you see something like porn.exe or sexy.exe or any other [...]

WUSA Kills Lindsay Lohan Story Due to Lohan Overexposure

Sick of Lindsay Lohan, even after her comeback in Lifetime's Liz and Dick? So is WUSA 9 News Director Fred D'Ambrosi. When D'Ambrosi saw that his station planned to run a story about Lohan during its 5 p.m. broadcast, he tweeted that he was considering banning it and all future stories about the troubled starlet.
After [...]

Thanks for the Digital Revolution: When Do I Get to Watch TV?

Late last year, I bought a new TV. My old one was too big and was turning on by itself in the middle of the night and giving me panic attacks, and this whole digital-TV switchover was my wife and I hit Consumer Reports, decided on a fine model that wouldn't overwhelm our tiny [...]