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The Needle: Thanksgiving Edition

You Put Your Weed In There: When police raided two Capitol Hemp locations a month ago, authorities made it sound, somewhat implausibly, like a major bust. Now the police affidavit supporting the search warrant cops got to make the raid has come out, and the whole thing seems even sillier. Though drug laws require the [...]

Turkey Thicket

This was the year that Marion Barry discovered the concept of nudge.
After a debacle—no turkeys!—at his 2010 annual giveaway, the Ward 8 councilmember announced plans earlier this fall to revamp the affair by using the prospect of a free bird to encourage positive behaviors: To get a turkey, constituents would have had to do things [...]

The Needle: I Paid for Those Turkeys Edition

Flapjake Fenty: Anyone wondering what Still Mayor Adrian Fenty will be doing for a living when his title changes to Former Mayor Adrian Fenty can wonder no more. Turns out the IHOP uniform suits him fine. The only problem will be when the obsessive triathlete has to take orders from customers eager to try the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Joy Of The Mandatory DCPS Meeting

Harry Potter and the Urban School Nightmare wonders if their insurance covers insanity. This is awesome:
Yesterday we had our monthly staff meeting after school. Interestingly enough, the first thirty minutes of this mandatory whole-school meeting were dedicated not to raising test scores, preparing for IMPACT observations, or discussing important events coming up at our school. [...]

Inaugural Hail Marys, Pt. I

As far as I can tell this is an entirely new tradition, right up there with Fourthmeal. I hope this works for the Popeye'sPopeyes near my house–it's been flogging turkey since way before Thanksgiving, and somebody's gotta eat down the stock. Maybe you!

Cold (on) Turkey

Call me a Communist. But I don't like turkey all that much. If I did, I'd eat some of those awful oven-roasted turkey sandwiches at the deli, but frankly I'd rather eat the plastic that encases the meat. Don't get me wrong, I've choked down (and sometimes even enjoyed) dry, tasteless turkey during Thanksgiving—if, of [...]