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Hoyas Win!

Georgetown University may not win the NCAA basketball tourney, but it gets the top slot in the Awl's tuition bracket: "With Notre Dame at $40,910 this one's a squeaker, but Georgetown goes home with the title at $40,920 a year."

The Needle: Defecation Edition

Public Transit Turned Public Restroom: The Metro is good for a lot of things—getting around town, mysteriously stopping underground for a while, finding new and exciting ways to be annoyed by tourists. And now, apparently, also defecation. A rider found a pile of human shit on a pedestrian bridge between the Metro and VRE stations [...]

GWU Doesn’t Think There’s A Recession

George Washington University is raising its notoriously high tuition. We are gonna have to update our story on the institution. Can someone please explain to me what GW is known for? Is it really worth the money? It can't possibly be worth money.