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TSA Agents to Be Trained to Recognize D.C. IDs

File this under small victories: Transportation Security Agents will now be trained to recognize District IDs and, more importantly, recognize them as valid forms of identification. TSA says the three D.C. licenses currently in circulation will be part of the daily transportation security officers' shift briefings, according to a press release from Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, [...]

Norton To Meet With TSA Officials to Explain that D.C. Licenses are Real

D.C.-issued drivers licenses have had a rough couple of weeks. There was the D.C. man who was prevented from buying booze in New Hampshire because he didn't have a state-issued ID. And then a journalist was stopped by a Transportation Security Administration agent at airport security in Orlando, Fla., who said his D.C. ID wasn't valid (and didn't [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton Isn’t Happy About TSA License Blunder

The argument for D.C. statehood gained a colorful anecdote yesterday when the Washington Post reported that a TSA agent in Phoenix questioned the legitimacy of a woman's D.C. driver's license because it was not "state-issued," as is required by law.
The story made waves in the D.C. pro-statehood sphere and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (who, ahem, [...]

The Needle: Tornado Edition

Virginia is for Gay-Bashers: Turns out the Transportation Security Administration was hoping more people would opt out of the scans and force them to touch their junk last week. Or at least, such is the feverish conspiracy theory espoused by Loudon County Board of Supervisors member Eugene Delgaudio. The TSA patdowns, Delgaudio declares, are all [...]

The Needle: Thanksgiving Edition

Congestion Nation: Apparently traffic has gotten so bad that the Weather Channel has started covering it, as if it were a natural phenomenon like fog or a snowstorm. The network has a Thanksgiving travel rating up today, which ranks the southern portion of the Beltway the seventh-worst road in the nation this weekend. Friday, though, [...]

The Needle: I Paid for Those Turkeys Edition

Flapjake Fenty: Anyone wondering what Still Mayor Adrian Fenty will be doing for a living when his title changes to Former Mayor Adrian Fenty can wonder no more. Turns out the IHOP uniform suits him fine. The only problem will be when the obsessive triathlete has to take orders from customers eager to try the [...]

Don’t Touch My Pizza!

Do you like eating pizza? Do you also like being instructed to run your hands up strangers' legs until you brush up against their testicles? If so, you're in luck!

Morning Roundup: The “Flying After the Undy Bomber” Edition

Good morning, City Deskers. The big news of this otherwise quiet week is that Barack Obama has declared there was a "systemic failure" of U.S. national security because the government had information that, had it been pieced together, could have thwarted Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab's attempted airliner attack.
Also: that Abdulmuttalab was lonely and sad.
But let's stop [...]

Never a Dulles Moment With the TSA

"Sir, you do read and write English?"
"Yes, officer."
"So you are aware that this is a no-standing zone?"
"Yes, officer."
"And you are aware that it's five days after 9/11?"
"Um...yes, officer."*
"And that our country is at war right now?"