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The Blotter, Animal Edition: Trooper Now Up for Adoption

Miracle Dog: It's official: Trooper, the pit bull duct taped into a plastic bag and left for dead in a Southeast dumpster last summer, is up for adoption. Trooper's physical and psychological wounds—likely sustained during an illegally staged dog fight—have healed enough that caretakers feel comfortable placing her with a family.
Though the dog is seeking [...]

The Blotter, Animal Edition: Trooper Entering Adoption Program Soon

Peticide: Seems like a dangerous time to have four legs in the District. First, a deer gets gunned down; now, a dog has been shot. On Christmas Eve, D.C. Animal Control found a blood-soaked young male Rottweiler in the street in the 4500 block of Lee Street NE. Initially, it was believed the dog had [...]

Abused Dog To Move to Undisclosed Location

If you're looking to find Trooper, the mangled pit bull ditched in a Southeast Dumpster by dog-fighting operatives last month, you may be disappointed. The dog is going to move soon from the Friendship Hospital for Animals to an undisclosed location.

Dog Found in Dumpster May Be Even More Traumatized Than Originally Thought

D.C. animal lovers have been following the recovery process of Trooper, the swollen and bloodied dog tossed in a Southeast dumpster last month. It's been assumed the mangled pit bull, given her name by the Washington Humane Society (WHS), was discarded after she lost a bout at an illegal dog-fighting event.
As it turns out, Trooper [...]