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District Fails On Jobs, Living Wage: Loose Lips Daily

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Cold Case Or Cold Shoulder? Family Wants Answers About Trinidad Police Shooting

The District neighborhood of Trinidad had so many murders in 2008 that D.C. police decided to set up checkpoints along its perimeter–roadblocks the U.S. Court of Appeals later deemed unconstitutional.
Yet, as Johnny Barnes of the American Civil Liberties Union points out, "the only homicide in Trinidad last year was at the hands of the police."
It's a year and one day [...]

Mourning Shannon Hader’s Resignation: Loose Lips Daily

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The Trey Joyner Shooting in Trinidad

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) has asked the U.S. Justice Department for clarification on the investigation into the fatal shooting by U.S. Park Police of Trey Joyner in D.C.'s Trinidad neighborhood on June 8.
Norton, after talking with Park Police Chief Salvatore Lauro, had been under the impression that the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division would [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Debating the Trey Joyner Vigil

New Columbia Heights seems to enjoy the opening up of a liquor store at Sherman and Fairmont, writing "it's convenient for folks in that area." This is just interesting. Liquor stores in gentrifying neighborhoods–as well as wine store openings—are accepted, draw excitement even. In other areas, say areas still struggling to get more than one [...]

Police Shooting of Trey Joyner Produces Divergent Stories

Yesterday, U.S. Park Police–as part of a task force–found themselves in the middle of a very strange fatal shooting. Within 24 hours, police and news accounts have begun to differ on how U.S. Park Police officers ended up firing on Trey Joyner. And now the Partnership for Civil Justice has filed a FOIA seeking answers.
The [...]