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Are D.C.’s Sharing-Economy Workers Getting the Short End of the Stick?

Pro-labor groups argue that workers for services like Uber, Postmates, and Instacart are being mislabeled as independent contractors.

Uber CEO: Writers Shouldn’t Think We’re Responsible When Things Go Wrong

Uber, seemingly in permanent murky water in D.C., has a funny way of playing damage control.
Last Saturday night, Bridget Todd, an activist and former lecturer at Howard University tweeted at the company that her Uber driver choked her after she kissed her husband in the back of the vehicle because he didn't approve of her [...]

New Year’s Eve Uber Trips Will Require “Sobriety Test”

If you're planning to use formerly controversial sedan service Uber to get around town for New Year's Eve, be ready to pay up. In a video chat this afternoon, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick warned that minimum fares for Uber trips tonight, driven by surge pricing, could reach as high as $100.
Uber's only raising its prices [...]

Is Uber the New John Galt?

With its opposition to government interference and commitment to the free market, does Uber remind you of any tedious Russian-American novelist? Say, Ayn Rand?
That's what tech writer Paul Carr ponders in a new piece called "Travis Shrugged," referring to Uber CEO and frequent D.C. Council sparring partner Travis Kalanick. Carr argues that Kalanick, with his [...]

Uber Customers Unleash #uberdclove on Twitter

Sedan/taxi service Uber is gearing up for another fight with the District's government over regulations, which means that it's time once again for Uber to summon its legion of social media-savvy fans. In a blog post on the company's site, CEO Travis Kalanick urged customers to tweet their support.
"Keep the love alive with #UberDCLove," he [...]

New Regulations Could Finally Kill Uber in D.C., Says CEO

To hear Travis Kalanick, the CEO of lightning rod electronic private car dispatch company Uber, tell it, launching Uber in another country is less trouble than doing it in Washington. "It's easier to do business in Paris than it is in D.C." Kalanick says. And it could be getting a little harder. According to Kalanick, new [...]