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Your Recycling Bin Will Soon Be Bigger

Mayor Vince Gray announced today (to as much fanfare as possible, considering the topic) that the Department of Public Works will start delivering $11.1 million worth of new trash cans and recycling bins to households starting in January.
The cans, known as Supercans, will replace the current bins, many of which are 12 years old. The trash [...]

DPW Cuts Weekly Hazardous Waste, E-Cycling Drop-Offs

Remember that grim fiscal 2011 budget? When the new fiscal year starts in October, the Department of Public Works will cut back on its disposal service for hazardous materials, electronics recycling and document shredding—which has been a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get rid of household materials that shouldn't be thrown in with the [...]

(Mid) Morning Rantup: The Good News-Bad News Edition

Good morning, City Desk! Are you in a bad mood today? I am! Marion Barry is!
Barry watchers, we know, are deep into reading the Bennett report and all of its revelations. There's a lot to sift through there, so we've done a lot of the heavy lifting for you: Read here, for instance, to find [...]

DPW: “We Are Collecting Today”

If you haven't already bothered to figure this out, there's big news in post-snow trash removal. The Department of Public Works has ambitions to brave the snowy side streets and pick up your trash. DPW's Linda Grant tells City Desk: "We are collecting today."
Grant cautions that District trash haulers won't be able to do any [...]

DPW Responds to Questions About Separation Between Recycling and Trash

Awhile ago, we brought you a story about recycling that routinely gets tossed out with the trash. Well, as you can imagine, we thought this was pretty surprising news: that loads of plastics, paper, bottles and cans dutifully dumped into recycling bins around the city were still ending up at the landfill. The culprits? Some [...]

DPW Goes Through Trash, City Paper Writer Goes on Kojo

Tune in to Kojo Nnamdi tomorrow if you want to learn all the dirty details of recycling in D.C.! Among the scheduled guests: Washington City Paper freelancer Christine MacDonald and D.C. Department of Public Works' recycling officer Bill Easley.
This is a topic near and dear to City Paper's heart, which is why we bring it [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Sidewalks Near Logan Circle Trashed?

The Issue: A handful of Dumpsters are wreaking a disproportionate amount of havoc near Logan Circle. The six offenders live near Claridge Towers at 12th and M Streets NW. Neighbors complain not only that the garbage is picked up at ungodly hours but that the Dumpsters are overflowing, forcing residents of the apartment building to [...]

Out with the Trash, In with the Air Pollution?

Did you know that much of the city’s trash is trucked to Fairfax County, where it is incinerated and turned into electricity? According to the Department of Public Works and the “waste-to-energy” industry, it's a "win-win" scenario; the trash disappears and the country reduces its dependence on foreign oil. What could be more patriotic, especially [...]

D.C. Police To Launch Anti-Littering Campaign

In a retro zero-tolerance move, the D.C. Police announced today that it will start ticketing litter bugs. The move follows the D.C. Council passing an anti-littering law last year. Don't worry, you probably can go ahead and throw your McDonald's wrappers out of your car window. There's a month-long grace period. And do you really [...]