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How Many Trucks Does It Take to Pick Up D.C.’s Unwanted Trashcans?

Here's your trashcan trivia question of the day: If the Department of Public Works delivers 210,000 new trash and recycling bins to D.C. households, and, say, half of those households want their old cans picked up, how many trucks will it take to pick up the old ones?
Answer: A lot.
The city is using about 38 trucks per [...]

Fear Not! Everyone’s Still Getting a New Trash Can!

There were some funding hiccups along the way, but Mayor Vince Gray announced Thursday that he has secured the necessary $9 million to move forward with his plan for D.C. to buy every household in the District new trash cans and bigger recycling bins.
The mayor first introduced the city to its new bins in November, [...]

Everyone May Not Get a New Trashcan. But Does Everyone Need One?

Mayor Vince Gray announced to much fanfare last month that the Department of Public Works would start delivering new Supercans and bigger recycling bins to each District household in January. But the plan hit a major hiccup yesterday when the D.C. Council voted unanimously to reject $9 million in funding for the project, which was largely [...]

The Needle: Road Closed Edition

Trash Man Didn't Get the Trash Today: The real world impact of municipal budget cuts isn't always immediately apparent. But one of last fall's decisions may lead to obviously visible—and smellable—results. The D.C. Department of Public Works, facing a $3.9 million cut to its budget last year, decided to stop ordering trash cans and recycling [...]