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Photo: Bus Stop

H Street NE, March 12

Catoe Departs Metro: Now Who Will Want This Job?

John Catoe had to go.
Over the past year, and certainly after the June 22 Red Line tragedy, an undeniable chasm developed on the subject of Catoe's performance as Metro's general manager.
The people who use Metro and comment on it from arms' length—those not engaged in day-to-day reporting on the system—have been scathingly critical of Catoe, [...]

Morning Roundup: Palin’s Fox Debut, the Circulator’s Circulation, and African-American Progress

Good morning, City Desk.
Using insightful analytical phrases like "bunch of BS" and "that kind of crap," Sarah Palin made her debut on Fox News as a commentator last night! Sorry to say: missed it. But Bill O'Reilly, on whose show Palin appeared, said later the whole thing was really "no different from interviewing Chuck Schumer." [...]

DDOT Confirms End of Upper Georgetown Circulator

Yesterday City Desk reported on how the upper Wisconsin Avenue portion of the D.C. Circulator's bus route was on the chopping block. The Department of Transportation has since confirmed: It will in fact be chopped.
According to DDOT spokesman John Lisle, this “difficult decision” stems from budget constraints: Although the upper leg carries 2 percent of [...]

Neighborhood Watch: How Far Should the Georgetown Circulator Circulate?

The Issue: The DC Circulator route up Wisconsin Avenue may soon be no more. The $1 red bus currently runs from Union Station through downtown to M Street, then eventually up Wisconsin. DDOT has proposed cutting the last leg of the service, leaving only two regular city buses to run to upper Georgetown. Despite a [...]

Photos: Memorial, Metro Crash Victims

Taking a DMV Driver Test? Prepare to Bring Your Own Car

The District government's belt-tightening has now extended into its vehicular policies.
In an memo issued June 23, Attorney General Peter Nickles addressed two issues: the use of city-owned cars in Department of Motor Vehicles driver tests, and the use of city employees' own private cars while on government business.
Regarding the former, the memo [PDF] notes that [...]

Pennsylvania Avenue Sinkhole!

Fresh from DDOT:
The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is advising motorists that the 2600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, NW is closed to eastbound traffic because of a sinkhole. A square hole, approximately 4 feet by 4 feet, and 5 feet deep, has developed in the roadway near the bridge over Rock Creek (see attached [...]

1000-Series Metro Cars: How to Avoid Them, If You So Choose

Hey, Metro rider!
By now, in the wake of Monday's collision, you've heard plenty about the different types of Metro cars—specifically how the oldest '1000-series' cars were judged by the NTSB years ago to offer substandard levels of protection in a crash.
So maybe you're thinking that you should avoid these cars. But how?
Very simple: At [...]

Seven Metro Crash Victims Identified

WaPo's Dr. Gridlock blogged the identities of seven of the nine who died in yesterday's Red Line crash:

Jeanice McMillan, 42, of Springfield (train operator)

Major General David F. Wherley, Jr., former commanding general, Joint Force Headquarters, District of Columbia National Guard, and his wife Ann, both 62
Lavonda King, 23
Dennis Hawkins, 64
Mary Doolittle, 59
Anna Fernandez, 40

Per Cherkis, [...]

Photos: Metro Accident, The Aftermath

Photos: Metro Accident, Triage

WaPo Slow to Train Crash

At this moment, Dr. Gridlock is in the vanguard of Washington Post coverage of this afternoon's train mishap in Northeast D.C. The item credits WJLA-TV and CNN for key facts on the accident.
Here's one commenter from the on the matter:
How is the Washington Post being scooped about a potentially serious metro rail collision? This [...]

Red Line Trains Collide Near Fort Totten: Deadliest Crash In Metro History

Comes this dispatch, via Dr. Gridlock:
A Red Line Metrorail train derailed at 5:10 p.m. approaching Fort Totten in the Shady Grove-bound side. Trains are turning back at Brookland and Takoma....Metro says that shuttle bus service has been requested to bridge the gap between Takoma and Brookland.

There are reports of injuries. Developing.
UPDATE, 5:35 P.M.: This seems [...]

Photo: 2000 Block of 9th Street NW, June 15