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Uber Creates Safety Advisory Board

An inaugural board of six members will consult the company on safety issues across the jurisdictions it serves.

New Metro GM: Not the Right Time to Raise Fares

Plus: Details on how Paul Wiedefeld sees Metro's relationship with the feds and the D.C. region.

Metro Approves Paul Wiedefeld as New GM

Metro gets a new boss.

FTA Launches Metro Oversight Website

Bookmark this one for those rough Metro commutes.

Lyft Line Coming to D.C. Next Week

You can carpool via Lyft starting Nov. 19.

Uber: Trips From Wards 7, 8 Have Increased By 600 Percent in the Last Year

And you don't have to wait as long for a ride there, the company says.

Here’s What We Know About the Man Who May Become Metro’s New General Manager

What he'll do to improve the transit agency remains unclear, but here's what he's done in his career so far.

Uber to Launch Carpooling Service in D.C. Next Week

Mark your calendars for Oct. 22, District commuters.

Metrorail Sees Decline in Ridership

A report finds high-profile incidents have led riders to take fewer trips.

D.C. Most Congested U.S. City for Drivers, Report Finds

On average, D.C.-area drivers each sit for 82 hours per year on congested roads, edging out commuters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York,and San Jose.

D.C. Kicks Off Vision Zero Initiative to Stop Traffic Deaths

Proponents of the program hope to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the city by 2024. How they’ll do so remains to be seen.

As D.C.’s School Options Improve, Commutes Become More of a Headache

Transportation may not be the number one issue on parents’ minds as they make their choices, but perhaps it should be.

Feds Shut Down Party Shuttle for Partying Too Hard

Washington tour bus company DC Party Shuttle's name suggests that your time on the bus will be fun, like a party. But according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the real party on Party Shuttle was going on in the driver's seat.
Federal investigators shut down Party Shuttle today, declaring the company "an imminent hazard [...]

Washington’s Newest Interest Group: “Transportation Birthers”

The war on the "war on cars" continues! Hostilities began again this week after Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham said in a Washington Post article that increased visitor parking restrictions were meant to discourage driving, and really got going after newsletter author Gary Imhoff blamed the alleged decarification on hipsters.
Now David Alpert, founder of arch-smart [...]

The Needle: I Paid for Those Turkeys Edition

Flapjake Fenty: Anyone wondering what Still Mayor Adrian Fenty will be doing for a living when his title changes to Former Mayor Adrian Fenty can wonder no more. Turns out the IHOP uniform suits him fine. The only problem will be when the obsessive triathlete has to take orders from customers eager to try the [...]