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After Founder Leaves, What’s Next for the Metro Riders’ Union?

Metro's new general manager starts Nov. 30. What will the nascent riders' union do to advocate for customers without its original founder?

Marine Corps Marathon’s Expo Will Move to National Harbor in 2016

No one is happy.

D.C. Police, Metro Step Up Security After Boston Explosions

Security is up across today the D.C. area today following the explosions at the Boston Marathon.
The Metropolitan Police Department is operating under "heightened security,"  according to spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump, who declined to say any more about the issue.

Fake Metro Ads About as Terrifying as Real Ones

Metro is set to roll out a macabre new series of safety ads that seem like pages out of an Edward Gorey book. "Holding the doors open could end up costing you an arm and a leg," says one ad, illustrated with a picture of a person caught between two car doors. "What you can't [...]

Circulator Website: Way Better

As I noted in Washington City Paper's Annotated Guide to 2011, Circulators are better than buses. Almost everything about them—the low fare, the timetable, the appearance—leave traditional Metrobuses behind. Just one thing didn't: The lame website.
All that changed this week with the new D.C. Circulator site launch. It that looks better, but more importantly, it [...]

Federal Transit Benefits Plummet

While all eyes were turned toward the payroll tax fight (recap: House Speaker John Boehner lost, President Barack Obama won), the Examiner points out that another extension was completely overlooked: Benefits for federal employees who use public transit.
Commuters who rely on federal transit benefits to help pay for their daily trips to work likely will have to [...]

Can You Hear Your Bus Now?

Metrobus is testing out a new audible warning system aimed at pedestrians. As TBD reported earlier, people around town have been encountering buses with the bilingual warnings in English and Spanish. And already, there's a controversy brewing over whether they're too loud.
The anti-Metro blog Unsuck DC Metro posted a recording earlier today of the X8 bus [...]

Photo: Ups and Downs

Dupont Circle, October 18

Plan Now For Even Pricier Metro Rides This Summer

How much will higher Metro fares impact your own pockets? Adam Tuss at WTOP points out that the transit agency's Trip Planner tool can now tell you.
If you type in a trip, making sure that you use a date that is after June 27, you will be able to see your new fare.
Catching the 8:15 a.m. train [...]

Morning Roundup: Crowded, Uncrashworthy Sweatbox Edition

Area Metro riders are predicatably less than thrilled at yesterday's passage of "the most expansive fare hike in the history of the transit agency," perhaps none more disgruntled than 30-year-old Michael Wasson of Cleveland Park, who told WaPo:
"My position would be, if we need to pay a little more, that's fine, but is this really paying for Metro to [...]

What Do D.C. and Benin Have in Common?

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Yes, that Benin. Bear with me on this one, folks. It's going to take a minute, but I'll get there.
1. WTOP reported this morning on the Census Bureau's research on travel patterns in the D.C. metro area. The findings: of the region's 2.2 million workers, about 1.5 million commute alone, and about 600,000 [...]

Photo: Monday, the Train Station