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Not Shoveling Your Sidewalk Can Kill

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Hey, asshole.
Yeah—talking to you, guy who didn't shovel his sidewalk after 35 inches of snow.
Asa Fukuhara, a 32-year-old Agriculture Department engineer, died yesterday in Prince George's County after he was likely forced to walk in the street because snow blocked his path.
Think about that next time you decide Mother Nature to take [...]

District Limerick: (SN)Off topic

That two-story lot was just hooey
But good for commuters from Bowie
Their cars and their trucks
Can park for six bucks
Free bonus: Make biking more screwy
When Target and Best Buy invested
We knew it would get more congested
But more halfwits swerving
At 14th and Irving
Should make that place wholly detested

Weekend in Review

What was it they said about road travel around Christmastime? Something about it being less intense than Thanksgiving, more spread out, less of an issue? That, anyhow, is the conventional wisdom, as parroted by this source, which claims that trips increase by 54 percent around T-giving and just 23 percent around Xmas/New Year's.

Our Morning Roundup: “Unwanted Slumber Party” Edition

*UNWANTED SLUMBER PARTY: WTOP reports that a Georgetown student discovered a strange man in her bed yesterday morning. The G'town Cuddler strikes again? Police aren't sure:
"She screamed, he fled, and detectives responded," says D.C. Police Commander Matt Klein, "and subsequently took a report for a second degree sexual abuse."
The only description detectives have is the [...]

Avant-Garde Driving at Memorial Bridge Circle

This morning I saw some driving that was remarkable, even by the standards of Memorial Bridge Circle, where as I've written before, I see near accidents daily.

Here's what happened:

Dear Mr. Fantasy*

Just in time for Skins training camp to open, the Washington Post unveils Fantasy Check, its fantasy football site.
In one of his opening posts, Mr. Fantasy, also known as writer Gene Wang, mulls going after Michael Vick and decides he ain't gonna.
I've always stayed away from this stuff, because I'm scared. Over the years I've [...]

Memorial Bridge Circle: A Victim of “Peculiarity”

Coming off Memorial Bridge onto the George Washington Parkway is enough to get anyone flustered. As Wikipedia says:
A peculiarity of the at the western terminus is that traffic already in the circle must yield to traffic entering the circle — the exact opposite of the usual rule.
Every morning I see exactly the same traffic incident [...]

Rolling Street Closures

From DC.Gov alerts: "Rush hour commuters should be advised that there are rolling street closures in the vicinity of the Capitol- 1st St. NE, Madison Dr., E. Capitol St, Jefferson Dr., Constitution Av + Pennsylvania Av, due to the March For Life."

Secret Service: Don’t Even TRY Driving Near the Mall

Not that you didn't already know this, but: If you're within an area code of D.C. on the 19th or 20th, don't even think of getting in your car. The Secret Service just released traffic warnings for inauguration, and it's every bit as thoroughgoing as you'd expect. Traffic will be cut off from the federal [...]