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District Line Daily: D.C.’s Problematic Safe Drivers

Congress to grill the Secret Service.

District Line Daily: Speed Demons

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The grace period is over and D.C.'s 15 new traffic cameras will result in tickets [...]

New Traffic Cameras Will Ticket Cars for Endangering Pedestrians and Bikers, Blocking Intersections

If, hypothetically speaking, there were a war on cars in D.C., the battlefield just got a little trickier for drivers.
The Metropolitan Police Department announced today that it will install automated traffic enforcement cameras throughout the city that will ticket drivers for offenses like not stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks and not stopping at stop signs.
The [...]

D.C. Speed Cameras Will Lead to Rise of the Machines, Warns Columnist

Enjoy the revenue, D.C. Council, because soon we'll be doing the cameras' bidding.  Washington Times columnist Armstrong Williams—yes, that Armstrong Williams—thinks the traffic cameras present something more than just a hassle: They're about the rise of the machines.
Williams is concerned that the cameras will replace human cops, who sometimes give out warnings instead of traffic [...]

Hate Speed Cameras? There’s An App For That

In good news for the lead-footed, D.C. started reducing the prices for some of its steep traffic camera fines last year. But one app producer wants to help people avoid the tickets entirely.
Inspired by taxi-driving relatives who were seeing their profits eaten up by multiple monthly traffic tickets, Virginia resident Faris Gessese, his brother Joseph, [...]