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D.C. Tourism Ad Appeals to Voyeur, Exhibitionist Demographics

Local boosters at Destination D.C. promised to unveil a "sexy" ad campaign today for Date Night D.C., a scheme to increase tourism in the winter. And depending on your feelings for public humping, they might have succeeded with the ad above, in which a couple grinds up on one another while other diners are both [...]

The Needle: Housewife Haters’ Edition

Tune In or Tune Out? The Real Housewives of D.C. has its big debut tonight! Aren't you excited for television that will be as nourishing as iceberg lettuce? As Mike Riggs already told us this week, D.C. has some magic suckage effect on reality television. But it's confusing to those out in the American hinterlands [...]

Breakfast Slam: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Defense Hounds Cops for Questioning Robert Wone's Sexuality," "Wone Investigators Found No Fingerprints On Fence"
Howdy. Today, the D.C. Council votes on the budget. Expect a [...]

District Limerick: Dr. Ruth to the Rescue

Though romance does not spring to mind
(as wonky, D.C. is maligned)
This small Aphrodite
Brings tourism mighty
To shake up the capital grind
D.C. seems a wee bit conflicted
On sex lives, and how they're restricted
Soon Bob can wed Larry
But condoms they carry
Could very well get 'em convicted

Yes, Please Do Visit D.C., Just Don’t Read the News

WAMU-FM reported this morning that tourism is up in the nation's capital – a 3 percent increase in domestic visitors and a 22 percent boost in international ones, according to Destination D.C. – which got me thinking, of course it is!
It's not like there are armed robberies downtown, half a block from the White House, [...]