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The Needle: Schweitzer v. Schweitzer Edition

Red Sauced: La Tagliatella, an Italian-style (but Poland-based) chain of pasta restaurants, opened a location in Arlington recently—and Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema says its eggplant calzone "does a great impression of a mummy," its minestrone seems to only contain peas and croutons, and its decor is "as over-the-top as Liberace." More zingers follow! So epic [...]

The Needle: Snowhere to Be Found

Where's the Snow? With the snowquester a dud, the Post's Capital Weather Gang is in for a long, dark night of self-inspection. -3
Doppelanchor: NBC 4's Pat Collins challenged his viewers who did have snow to build snowmen in his likeness, and they obliged. +2

Washington’s Name-Shortening Trend Claims Another Victim

Just as we were all getting used to dropping SoMo, the GaP, and SoNYA in conversation, Washington's name-shortening trend has struck again. The Post's Tom Sietsema reports that the new restaurant going in next to the Spy Museum will be called NoPa. NoPa, as in North of Pennsylvania Avenue.
NoPa is worrying because it means name-shortening [...]

The Needle: Swag Like Sulaimon Edition

Shades of Sulaimon: At Monday's much-talked about hearing on the legitimacy—or lack thereof—of Sulaimon Brown, what really stole the show was not the damning fact that the Gray administration hired Brown for a $110,000-a-year job, or even the clownish back-and-forth between councilmembers Marion Barry and David Catania. No, Sulaimon's sunglasses were really what had everyone [...]

Owner of Now-Closed Posh Has No Plans to Replace It

It's been a week since the abrupt closure of Posh Restaurant and Supper Club. After a three-year run, management addressed its "valued patrons" in a statement on its Web site, highlighting the good times: playing host to movie premiere parties, staging karaoke, and providing live music acts.
So what happened?
Derek Newton, a restaurant consultant for Robert [...]

The Next White House Chef?

The latest parlor game among local foodies is guessing who President-elect Barack Obama will tap as his White House chef. The main name being tossed around is Chicagoan Art Smith, Oprah Winfrey's former personal chef who recently opened Art and Soul on Capitol Hill. The Post's Tom Sietsema caught up with Smith this week to [...]

Landrum to Sietsema: You Could Have At Least Called

Leave it to Michael Landrum, the self-proclaimed "Improprietor" of Ray's the Steaks, Ray's the Classics, and Ray's Butcher Burgers, to post this love note to Tom Sietsema after the Washington Post critic's recent dust-up over a First Bite review of the Commissary:
The one thing that doesn't make sense to me about this whole thing is [...]

Post Clarifies Its Position on Future EatWell DC Reviews

Joe Yonan, editor of the Washington Post's Food section, contacted me earlier today to clear up the paper's position on future reviews of EatWell DC restaurants, which include The Heights, Grillfish, and the Commissary. David Winer, a partner with EatWell DC, had earlier sent a letter to his mailing list, saying that the Post had [...]

A Comment from the ‘Covey of Restaurant Food Critics’

Three weeks ago, as we were preparing the latest installment of Dishing Expedition, I was all ready to offer up a one-paragraph summation of my lone visit to the Commissary in Logan Circle, but at the last minute, the item got cut due to space limitations. Given the ongoing flap over Washington Post restaurant critic [...]

Rockwell Defends Sietsema Over Commissary Flap

Don Rockwell, founder of the online foodie board, has come to Tom Sietsema's defense after the Washington Post retracted the restaurant critic's First Bite review of the Commissary in Logan Circle. Writes Rockwell:
This is a tough standard, and I stand solidly behind Tom on this one (while at the same time understanding the Post's [...]

The Commissary Responds to Sietsema’s First Bites Review

The partners of EatWell DC, which own the Commissary on P Street NW, requested and got what they wanted following Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema's harsh early look at their new Logan Circle eatery: They got the Post to retract the First Bite article, which was originally published on Wednesday in the Food Section [...]

Citronelle: Still Seeing Stars, Just One Less Than Usual

Ever since Tom Sietsema docked Citronelle a star in this year's Washington Post dining guide, I had been dying to know how Michel Richard responded to the demotion. I mean, Sietsema took no pity on the city's most famous restaurant, a perennial four-star performer no more. The critic wrote:

Frank Bruni Doesn’t Like Insects But He Loves Sietsema

Frank Bruni, lead restaurant critic for the New York Times, laid himself bare in a Q&A session last week with readers. Over the course of five days, he answered some of the toughest questions that can be put to a professional eater, including those dealing with qualifications, how one selects restaurants to review, and of [...]