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Cheap Seats Daily: Where’s Dan Snyder? Where’s Dan Snyder’s Crisis PR?

Dan Snyder was in the news a lot while I was on vacation. He's keeping whatever thoughts he has about the Washington Post's series on selling tickets to scalpers and litigation against down-on-their-luck grandmothers to himself.
While some team lawyer nobody ever heard of named David Donovan did radio and print interviews attempting to counter James [...]

Sherwood Irked at Kurtz

In his column today on the death of newspapers, the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz makes an oft-made point: That without newspapers, the amount of investigative reporting out there in the world will dwindle. To buttress his point, he takes a shot at other media:
Local TV isn't likely to expose a crooked mayor, as the [...]

Hoyer: D.C. Vote Through House By May?

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer just appeared on WAMU-FM's Politics Hour to discuss the future of the D.C. House Voting Rights Act.
Hoyer acknowledged that "we've been distracted by the gun issue and a couple of other issues that haven't gotten as much publicity" but said he's been "talking to the mayor, talking to Vince Gray, [...]

Sherwood: On a Story

Venerable WRC-TV correspondent Tom Sherwood, the dean of the D.C. local politics reportocracy, is working on a piece about fire hydrants, and how they don't work. So he's skulking around in the John A. Wilson Building and has managed to collar a couple of residents who live near dysfunctional fire hydrants. Next step is to [...]

Sherwood Is Permanent Politics Hour Analyst

No huge surprise here, but it's finally official: Tom Sherwood is now the resident analyst on the weekly Politics Hour with Kojo Nnamdi.
Since Jonetta Rose Barras left the Friday noon talk show on WAMU-FM last May over a pay dispute, the show has been rotating in guest analysts (including, now and again, yours truly). But [...]