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Where Are The Women And Non-White Media Critics?

A hearty congratulations to City Paper alum Andrew Beaujon on accepting a gig at Poynter as the site's "new Romenesko." There, he'll be writing a media blog edited by Julie Moos that will replace the work of Jim Romenesko, who left Poynter last year and launched his own blog.
With all of the changes happening in journalism, [...]

Washington Post: David Weigel’s Comments Aren’t Cool—But Praying For A Source Is OK

By now, we all know the Washington Post pushed out David Weigel late last week. Weigel had worked at the paper as a blogger covering conservatives. He took the job seriously. He never took cheap shots at the Tea Party, the Birthers, or John McCain's latest lapse into un-mavericky GOP dogma. He worked damn hard explaining [...]

Style Editor Ned Martel Refuses to Comment on Horrible Sally Quinn Column

The buzz around town today is all about Sally Quinn's new low, aka a column in this morning's Style section in which she explains all about a wedding-scheduling snafu in her own family.
For all of you who have substantive things to worry about, this is what the piece was about: In recent days, there've been [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Nats to Hire Rizzo? Lerners to Save Themselves from Themselves?

The fans' will be done: Looks like Mike Rizzo, the anti-Vinny Cerrato in that his team's followers really, really like him, will get the Nationals general manager's job after all.
Yesterday, rumors broke that the team was going to boot Rizzo and hire the Diamondbacks' Jerry DiPoto. Nats fan boards lit up with pleas for management [...]

Post Salon Scandal Gets Full Take Down

So the Washington Post appeared to want to make you pay big bucks for meet-ups with their reporters and editors. Politico had the scoop on the Post scheme in which Publisher Katharine Weymouth would host "salons" in which lobbyists and association muckety mucks would pay large sums of money to hobnob with Posties, Obama administration [...]