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The Legend of Dan Snyder and the Washington Bravehearts

There's something "suspicious" going on with the Washington Pigskins, according to TMZ.
And it looks like the gossip site could be onto something.
TMZ reports that Aris Mardirossian, a wealthy patent investor and neighbor of Pigskins owner Dan Snyder in Potomac, Md., registered the name WASHINGTON BRAVEHEARTS on Oct. 17, and said in his trademark application that [...]

“I Wanna Do TMZ D.C. More Than Anything.”

Harvey Levin, head of the L.A.-based TMZ gossip empire—including a television show, website, and related promotions—spoke downtown at the National Press Club today, where he was pressed on a very important question.
Will there ever be a TMZ D.C.?
And apparently the answer is yes. "I want to do TMZ D.C. more than anything," he told the [...]

Police: Kal Penn Robbery Still MPD’s Turf

The U.S. Secret Service has reportedly joined the investigation into yesterday's mugging of actor and Obama Administration employee Kal Penn – but the feds have "not taken over the case," a police spokesperson tells City Desk.
"The Metropolitan Police Department is the lead investigative agency handling the robbery," writes Lt. Nicholas Breul in an email. "The [...]

Shocker: Examiner Takes Swing At Woods

The front page of the Examiner rarely breaks form. There's usually a string of anti-Obama blather, a Redskins-in-turmoil blurb, and a big oversight story on WMATA.
Except today.
Today, the Examiner went all TMZ!
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