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Marriage Proposal on Prince of Petworth Succeeds

Whatever you think of gentrifier spiritual leader Prince of Petworth or his paranoid readership, it's hard to hate his "Animal Fix" posts featuring readers' pets. But today, two of the prince's courtiers didn't just find puppies in Animal Fix: they found love.
The top picture in today's animal post features a dog with the proposal sign: [...]

Titan of Trinidad: So Serious Now

When the mysterious blogger behind Titan of Trinidad launched his site in June, he was clearly parodying arch-neighborhood blogger Prince of Petworth. But he appeared to have another, less obvious target in mind as well: the quirks of the entire neighborhood-blog genre.
Two months later, Titan of Trinidad looks a lot like one of those neighborhood [...]

The Needle: Sushi Rat

Treat Yo' Self: NBC's Parks and Recreation will be filming some scenes for its new season in the District next week. Locations include the White House, the Lincoln Memorial,  and the Newseum, where, undoubtedly, Amy Poehler will see a copy of the Pawnee Journal in the museum's collection of front pages from across the nation and [...]

Titan of Trinidad—Revealed?

Suffering "what the Helen of Troy is this?" fatigue?
New blog Titan of Trinidad bears a significant resemblance to Dan Silverman's online hamlet, Prince of Petworth. It's not just that "Best Spot for an Afternoon Half-pint or 40" directly echoes "Best Spot for a Morning Coffee or Mojito"; Titan of Trinidad's gee-whiz tone could've only come [...]