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The Needle: Happy Yuppies

Hurray: Washington ranks as the third happiest city for young professionals. +3
Hey Now: A Washington man is charged with spray-painting "Cracker is inferior race" at Montgomery College. -1

Morning Roundup: Drunk Biking Edition

It's that time again, readers. Yep, it's Friday, everybody's favorite day of the week. Let's take a look at what's going on in the world.
In addition to today being Friday, it's also April 23—Shakespeare's birthday. And his deathday, 52 years later. That's right, Shakespeare was born and he died on the same day. Though the [...]

Evangelical Athletes: Well, at Least They’re Not Running the Country

Via, Beliefnet's list of the "Top 12 Evangelical Christians in Sports Today," which is the kind of thing that makes even a regular Corner reader breath a sigh of relief about last year's election. Some highlights:

It was "God's work" that Curt Schilling was able to pitch with the bloody sock. God doesn't do tsunamis, [...]