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Why Didn’t Virginia’s Senators Sign the Anti-Pigskins Letter?

Fifty U.S. senators signed a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell Wednesday urging him to pressure the Washington football team to change its racist name.
These signers are all Democrats, including both senators from Maryland, where the team plays its home games. But noticeably missing from the  list of signatures were the two Democratic senators from Virginia: Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Mark [...]

District Limerick: Low-Hanging Fruit

McDonnell says really, they should
Stop paying for dudes to get wood
The cash he's recouping
While guys are left drooping
Could do the state budget some good
A fix that Tim Kaine pioneered
His budget saw ED drugs cleared
Performance enhancer?
Just wasn't the answer
Viagra somehow reappeared...

Morning Roundup: The State We Are Not In Edition

Virginia! It's probably a 20 minute bike ride from you, yet when did you last think about D.C.'s western neighbor? Was it when you saw a group of young men exit a car on 18th Street NW wearing shorts in sub-freezing weather? Was it when you wanted some decent pho? Was it when Bob McDonnell [...]

Morning Roundup: The “Homer Simpson Gets a Thumbs-Up From the Pope, Sort Of” Edition

Good morning, City Desk readers. Last I met you in this space, we were engaging in panic about the impending Snowpocalypse. And I didn't even know then about the snowball-toting anarchists!
Speaking of anarchists, President Barack Obama phoned in yesterday to WTOP's "Ask the Governor," on which Virginia's outgoing chief executive, Tim Kaine, was taking a [...]

Obama Calls WTOP, Delays Traffic and Weather

"Barry from D.C." called in to WTOP's Ask the Governor today, where Tim Kaine was taking a final bow as Virginia's chief exec.
Barry, it turned out, was President Barack Obama, offering his good wishes to Kaine as he leaves office.
Hosting that day was WTOP reporter Mark Segraves, who says he was only informed of the [...]