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D.C. Police Tweet Surveillance Picture of Protesters, Then Delete It

The Metropolitan Police Department is keeping a close eye on a small group of Freedom Plaza protesters. So close, in fact, that they decided to let the rest of us in on their surveillance by tweeting the above picture, presumably from a security camera, this afternoon.
"Update: A camera view of the protestors (in blue) at [...]

Fojol Bros., Vincent Orange: Choosing D.C.’s Next Statue

Frederick Douglass was born a slave but died as one of the world’s greatest fighters for social justice. And if a bill working its way through the Senate passes, he will soon represent D.C. in Congress's Statuary Hall. Next up would be a statue of Pierre L'Enfant, but he's already got an entire city for [...]

Postie Tim Craig Responds to Occupy D.C. Complaints

After reading Occupy D.C.'s long and cranky letter about recent Post coverage of the movement and "breathless" tweets by staff writer Tim Craig as he walked through the McPherson Square site, I checked in with Craig to see if he had a response.
While the letter complains about Craig's language and questions his objectivity in describing chalk markings [...]

Occupy D.C. Not Loving the Post Right Now

Occupy D.C. has some harsh words for the Post and staff writer/star-protest-tweeter Tim Craig:
The Post’s guidelines on Twitter and other social media use expressly state: “Post journalists must refrain from writing, tweeting or posting anything… that could be perceived as reflecting political, racial, sexist, religious or other bias or favoritism. When posting content online, ask yourself: [...]

The Needle: Unpleasant Dreams Edition

A Weekend of Mental Anguish: While Glenn Beck and his friends are sure to annoy plenty of District denizens this weekend, thanks to the intrepid reporting by The Washington Post's Tim Craig, mental images of Vince Gray in Sex and the City have the potential to create some distress as we're all falling asleep tonight. [...]

Weekend in Review

Easter weekend, aka illegal parking weekend, went off pretty much hitchless here in D.C. Lots of people driving around in nice clothes—that's what it looked like to me. Anyone ever take Metro to church? I mean really, have you ever heard someone utter the sentence, "Yeah, so I was late for church because of a [...]

Nakamura Out in WaPo City Hall Shuffle

Changes are coming to the Washington Post's all-important city hall beats.
In mid-May, David Nakamura, who has covered Mayor Adrian M. Fenty since his 2007 inauguration, will leave town for a yearlong fellowship sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. Replacing him on full-time executive branch coverage around May 1 will be Nikita Stewart, who has [...]