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Tim Carman Nominated for Beard Foundation Award

Washington City Paper food columnist Tim Carman has been nominated for a Beard Foundation Award. This is unfolding via Twitter, so I'm not certain which of Tim's articles made the cut, but I believe this tweet refers to Specifics announced! The nom is (indeed) for Tim's May 2009 piece "How Not to Hire a Chef." [...]

Photos: The Candy Shop

Tim Carman with the story, more photos after the jump

Carman on Why D.C. Has So Little Great Ethnic Food

Tim Carman was on Warren Rojas' chat today, and a reader asked him about the difference between D.C. and Virginia's dining scenes. CARMAN:
But the main difference is that NoVa is stuffed with great ethnic eateries: Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and on and on. It's a matter of economics. The lower rents afforded by surburban [...]

Morning Roundup: Sick as a Dog Edition

Broadcasting from Beaujon Acres this morning, where a cold has laid me out flatter than one of Tim Carman's jokes. But I'm not too sick to link!

Does anyone else find this kinda poignant and sad? Also kinda related: Post computers drive tech writer to cloud.
Ruth Samuelson corner: 1) Now that's "getting" Results! 2) Madness in [...]

Tim Carman Selected for Best Food Writing 2009

Washington City Paper food critic Tim Carman's piece "How Not to Hire a Chef" (5/22) has been selected for inclusion in Best Food Writing 2009. It is the second year in a row that Carman's work has been chosen for the anthology.
Carman's piece examines, or maybe more precisely spatchcocks, local restaurateur Andy Shallal's Top [...]

Yuppie Cooking School Is Off to a Great Start

Yesterday I took a bread class at CulinAerie, the sort-of new cooking school near McPherson Square, and was totally impressed. And not just because TV stars like Top Chef's Carla Hall Lyons and our own Tim Carman teach there.
The founders of this place, Susans Holt and Watterson, did it right. They created classrooms that are [...]

Englert Takes Revenge for Puff Piece

If you haven't yet done so, swing on over to Young & Hungry to read Joe Englert rail against Tim Carman for following him around all day and writing about it.

Hey Corn Syrup Lobby! Get a Better Bot!

Should I be flattered that Audrae Erickson, president of the Corn Refiners Association, took time to read Tim Carman's piece on bagels and then left a thoughtful comment about it?
Why no, because Carman's piece barely touches on high-fructose corn syrup. Closest he comes is quoting someone else saying bagel quality has declined since many bagelries [...]

Tim Carman Selected for Best Food Writing 2008

Holly Hughes, editor of the much-loved Best Food Writing anthologies, has discovered what we here at City Paper have known for some time: Tim Carman is doing great work when it comes to telling food stories.
We also have to agree with Hughes that Carman's Young & Hungry column in defense of fat and the processed [...]