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The Needle: Amnesty Edition

No Free Parking: These days, municipal governments need to scramble to find every spare dollar they can. Which is why the District is extending its free research program as part of a parking ticket amnesty—the program, which was set to end today, has already brought in nearly $400,000 from scofflaws taking advantage of the chance [...]

The Needle: Reinforcing The Fact Edition

Experts Weigh In: The House is setting up a fight with the White House over school vouchers for low-income D.C. students, which the Obama administration is opposing on the theory that Congress really shouldn't be deciding who goes to which schools in the District. And like all issues, the future of D.C. education policy can [...]

Ready to be Sweeperscammed?

Sweepercam (or is it "Sweeeperscam"?) is back.
"Today, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Department of Public Works (DPW) Director William O. Howland, Jr. kicked off the District’s 2010 street sweeping program," reads the press release. "For the second year running, street sweeping will include Sweepercam, the District’s one-of-a-kind license plate recognition system."
If you haven't heard about [...]

D.C.’s Sweepercam—Or Should We Say “Sweeperscam?

Finding parking in Kent Boese's stomping grounds in the Park View/Petworth region often involves some trolling. Boese, however, had a lucky streak on a certain stretch of Park Place NW—his go-to spot. "The space is in front of my neighbors, and we get along well," says Boese, adding that he liked to park there because [...]

The Mayor-Council Ticket Tussle Is Over

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has finally handed over the Nationals tickets demanded by D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray and colleagues.
Gray informed fellow councilmembers in an e-mail late yesterday that the tickets had been delivered earlier that day by a Fenty staffer.
The handover comes one day after Neil O. Albert was named city administrator. A [...]

No More Breaks for Big-Biz Parking Scofflaws

So says Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham in a press release this morning.
In an oversight hearing last month, Department of Motor Vehicles Director Lucinda Babers revealed that its been a longstanding policy (15 years!) to reduce by half tickets accrued by big fleet operators in the city—folks like FedEx and UPS who regularly foul up [...]

An Offer You Can Refuse

Speaking of internet ticket jam-ups: Tickets for the August 15 Merriweather Post Pavillion/Pavilion date on Phish's reunion tour, the only tour stop in this market, go on sale tomorrow at 11 a.m. All shows on the tour are selling out immediately.
So what kind of folks will be pounding away on their keyboards come sale time?
Well, [...]

Warning: Don’t Give Your Cell Number To Dude With Inauguration Tickets

God bless her. This afternoon, my sister went to the Convention Center to pick up inauguration tickets. In attempt to score a few extra (for me), she hung around and begged one inaugural ticket worker. She called multiple times. First with good news. Then with bad news. And finally with a tone of desperation admitting [...]

Entitlement and Ticketholders

DCist's Sommer Mathis prudently spanks a haughty attitude among parade ticketholders, as evidenced by this comment from onesuch. This particular individual thought she should be exempt from the requirement to get on the parade route early, before the feds close it down due to overcapacity. Just because you bought a $25 ticket doesn't mean you're [...]