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The Needle: Bamboo Bambino

Panda Daddy: A paternity test revealed the new panda cub's father to be the National Zoo's own Tian Tian,and not the mysterious panda from the San Diego zoo. -2
Charley's Not Sorry:  A new bar and restaurant, Bar Charley, is opening up in Dupont tonight and its got some pretty wacky drink offerings. +1

National Zoo Panda Could Need a Paternity Test

If all goes according to plan, male National Zoo panda Tian Tian could soon be hearing the panda equivalent of Maury Povich's "You are not the father." That's because Saturday's insemination of female panda Mei Xiang involved the semen from not one but two potential panda papas.
While the first instance of insemination featured both frozen [...]

Cause of Baby Panda’s Death to Be Revealed Tomorrow

The mysterious ailment that killed the National Zoo's new baby panda last month will be revealed tomorrow, according to the zoo.
The six-day-old cub's cause of death has so far been unclear to the public. A lack of outward physical trauma ruled out an accidental crushing death from panda mother Mei Xiang. While the female panda [...]

Harsh Words for Bad Panda Lovers

Like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, National Zoo pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian are a famous couple that just won't have sex, no matter how much—in this case, a $4.5 million panda reproduction fund—depends on it.
But now comes the new that hormones in Mei Xiang's urine suggest that she's pregnant, though Washington's been misled [...]

The Needle: Pregnant Panda Edition

Winter Storm Washed: The first time snow was forecast for D.C. after Vince Gray was sworn in as mayor, it missed the city. The District's luck changed last week, but now it looks like the Gray administration's snow plan—don't let it snow—is working again, as an ice storm that was originally projected for the region [...]

The Needle: Panda Power Edition

Pandas Stay Put: People think of the District as a transient place, but the dirty little secret of most people who move here for work is that once they arrive, they find they kind of like it. And they stick around (just ask former Sen. Byron Dorgan, who recently signed up with a D.C. law [...]

Yet Another Disappointment: Mei Xiang’s Not Preggers

D.C.'s second-best panda showed all the signs. There was the hormone in the urine. There was the lack of energy and changes to her appetite. There was the drop in the hormone in the urine, which happens just before birth. And, lastly, there was the fact that she ovulated and the zoo staff attempted to [...]

Chinese Zoo Accused of Abusing Tai Shan’s Grandma

A Chinese zookeeper has been suspended for denying food to Yong Ba, the elderly giant panda who birthed the National Zoo's Tian Tian (otherwise known as our beloved Butterstick's aloof father/sperm-donor). The keeper and a souvenir shop were involved in a scheme that forced 25-year-old Yong Ba to pose for photos with visitors. After she [...]