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‘Pepco Sucks Ass’

Updated below.
Dispatch from a Silver Spring source, who lives right over the D.C. line and still doesn't have power:  "Pepco sucks ass. Forty-four hours with no power and no relief in sight. I was so fucking angry I left my home at 12:30 after midnight to drive the streets looking for a Pepco truck. I [...]

News4’s Pat Collins Looking for 15 Inches of Fun During Thundersnow

News4 reporter Pat Collins is looking for a little more than a good snowball fight tonight. He wants '15 inches of fun' while he's out there. Can't wait for the follow-up to this report:

Photo: Washington City Paper SkyKam

SkyKam, January 26, 4:44 pm

The Needle: Welcome to the Thunderdome Edition

Thundersnow!: The D.C. snow hole is, officially, kaput. A storm rolling through the region this evening is forecast to deliver between 4-8 inches of snow in the city, and more in the suburbs, with snow piling up 1-2 inches per hour at times. Thunder and lightning may accompany the snow, which apparently means the end [...]

Don’t Leave Dogs Out In Thundersnow!

With snow and ice forecast for this afternoon and evening, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sends over this urgent message for any pet owners who aren't smart enough to know that animals shouldn't be left outside in blizzards: