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Cheap Seats Daily: Did Friedgen Ever Give Back the Weight-Loss Money?

Ralph Friedgen is getting more attention than any of his Maryland players this preseason, all because he lost weight. Friedgen dropped a reported 105 pounds time around.
Good for him.
But these Friedgen-Lost-Weight stories are threatening to be like the Michael-Westbrook-Is-Finally-Focused articles that used to run around here every year at this time. Friedgen, remember, got just [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Michael Vick Inspired ‘Whale Wars’?

Brett Favre's gone, so Michael Vick talk dominates.
Vinny Cerrato yesterday told the Washington Post that the Redskins will not pursue Vick, doggedly or otherwise. But Cerrato has fibbed so many times about personnel matters, most blatantly while acquiring Jason Taylor from Miami last summer, that his credibility in these situations is less than zero. So [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Bet on the Nationals NOW!

Competition's coming at Dan Snyder from all sides. Just as his monopoly on sports radio went all to crap with WJFK morphing from guy talk to an all-sports station ("The Fan"?....geez), now comes a rival to Snyder's fan site, Burgundy and Gold Obsession, or BGObsession for short, has gone live.
The punchline here is that [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: KidsPost Tells Junior to Blame Anybody But Manny Acta?

Ryan Zimmerman, the mandatory all-star, threw a ball into the stands for no apparent reason. Sean Burnett played hot potato with the ball on a come-backer. Nyjer Morgan got picked off first. The Nats lost.
Bottom line: The squad came out of the All-Star break in midseason form.
Local newspapering doesn't get any better than when KidsPost [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Riggleman’s Fight Song Stolen From Young Girls!

Cheap Seats Daily has learned...that new Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman's boyhood fight song was STOLEN!
As reported in this space the other day, Riggleman's baseball team at Richard Montgomery High School used a special cheer to get fired up before games:
Thunder, Thunder, Thunderation
We’re the Rockets Delegation
When we fight with determination
We create a soul [...]