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So Then Why Are the Washington Capitals on AM Radio?

You may have heard that two of the cuddliest folks on the D.C. sports scene have been playing the feud.
Ted Leonsis, a fabulous sports owner turned blogger, went after sportstalk station WTEM-AM in a recent blog post after Thom Loverro, a fabulous newspaper columnist turned blogger (and WTEM host), called the Leonsis-owned Washington Wizards an [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Special Non-Pullout Football Preview Section!

The NFL season starts tonight. The only must-read of all the pre-kickoff previews: Erik Wemple's take on Sunday's Redskins/Giants game. His post attracted a group of meatheads to the comments section the way a roach motel does roaches. It's a meathead motel, is what I'm sayin'. Don't miss it.
A near-miss must-read: "A Decade of Snyder [...]

Snyder Obtains Another Media Property

The great Thom Loverro is now on Dan Snyder's payroll. And his newspaper boss couldn't be happier about it! Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon touts Loverro's new show on Snyder's WTEM in a front-page story! Says putting Loverro on WTEM "creates the perfect marriage, and the beneficiary will be the listening public."
What about the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Snyder-Funded Group Names Snyder ‘MVP’!

Dan Snyder talked to the Associated Press about his 10 years as an NFL owner.
We've heard most of it before: Snyder was young when he got the team, which is the only reason he made mistakes (charging for training camp, hiring Steve Spurrier) that everybody else would have made, too. But he's learned and now [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder and Satan

As first rumored on DCRTV, Brian Mitchell has been let go by sportstalk station WTEM-AM.
That means Mitchell's now ex-employer was Dan Snyder.
The same guy has fired the same guy before.
In 2000, Snyder's first offseason of running the Redskins, Mitchell, the team's all-time punt return and kickoff return leader, was let go.
In Thom Loverro's 2007 book, [...]