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Mysterious “Panel Crasher” Hunts for Free Food at Think Tanks

How much free food can one man eat? That's the challenge faced by  pseudonymous blogger Panel Crasher, who's been trying to eat as much as he can at Washington think-tank events since being laid off earlier this year.
The Panel Crasher, who wouldn't reveal his name in an interview with City Desk, lost his job at [...]

No Peace for Hawkish Think Tanks Over Reagan Slogan

In the crowded world of Washington think tankery, eggheads need every advantage they can get. So it's only natural that two of Washington's most bellicose think tanks have been feuding for more than a year over which of them can use just three words as their motto. Now the dispute's headed to the only two [...]

Congrats: Kentlands Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

Kentlands is celebrating its 20th anniversary as the country's first New Urbanism community. Where would any think piece on development be without the words "New Urbanism?" The New Republic, the New Yorker, and all architecture mags and development beat reporters should pay tribute. Kentlands sparked a million think pieces and dozens of those communities designed [...]