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NBC4 SUV Struck Cyclist at Sherman Avenue and Euclid Street NW

The police aren't releasing the name of the cyclist who was struck at Sherman Avenue and Euclid Street NW this morning. A spokesperson for NBC4 says that a photographer in one of the station's SUVs was heading down Sherman–he declined to give a name–when a cyclist ran a red light and collided with the car. [...]

Noon Roundup: Oh, Hell, Riggs Wanted ME to Do the Roundup Edition

Welcome to Freedom Friday! I'm briefly redefining libertarianism to include things that are interesting. As in...
• Dan Froomkin canned! Intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins mount campaign of angry comments on blogs read only by other intensely weird Bush-hating shut-ins. A neocon powerplay, or the political-commentary EQ of JazzTimes folding?