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A Drunkard Stole My Kale, Then Apologized With a Gift Card

About two weeks ago, my Tuscan kale plant disappeared. More precisely, the upper two-thirds of it did. My girlfriend and I, who have tried our hand at gardening this year in the small patch of dirt in our front yard, discovered the formerly two-foot-high plant reduced to a ragged stump, the portion with all the [...]

Police Looking for Group of Snack-Stealing Teens

Police are searching for more than a dozen youngsters who raided a store on the 4400 block of Benning Road NE last month and stole what appear to be soda and snacks. Police released the video of the theft today. The suspects can be seen on the video filing into the store, then running out [...]

Man Crashes Into CVS, Steals ATM, Is Still on the Loose

There are probably less conspicuous ways to steal cash: Around 4 a.m. this morning, a man crashed his car into the front door of a CVS at 3601 12th St. NE, stole an ATM from the store, and is—impressively!—still on the loose.
The multifaceted crash and theft occurred at around 4 a.m. this morning. According to [...]

Dunbar High School Burgled Before Its First Day

The first day of school at the new $125 million Dunbar High School kicked off with some shattered glass and three fewer computers than anticipated.
An unknown number of suspects burglarized the school over the weekend, breaking in through a first-floor classroom window and stealing three laptops, according to the Metropolitan Police Department. The robbery was [...]

365 Days In The Life Of A Locked Bike

Weird/cool video alert: The Atlantic Cities has a time-lapse video from an ad agency that locked a bike to a rack in New York City on Jan. 1 of last year and photographed it daily as it was dissembled by New Yorkers. It took five months before anyone even swiped anything—the water bottle.
Though we occasionally [...]

MPD: Don’t Let Your New iPhone Get Stolen Right After You Buy It

The Metropolitan Police Department has sent a warning to early tech adopters (like, say, folks picking up the new iPhone 4S this week): Don't make yourself a target. Or, as they put it in a release, "be cautious when making electronic purchases, particularly on days of new releases, when popular devices and gadgets are being [...]

Archives Employee Pleads Guilty

Mmm nothing like some corruption in the morning. Over at the Examiner, Emily Babay reports that the high-ranking National Archives official who got caught last October after selling a 1937 Babe Ruth recording for $34.74 just pleaded guilty.
$34.74! Because of a single, rather cheap eBay sale, Leslie Charles Waffen, a 40-year Archives employee, had his home raided. [...]

The Needle: To Catch A TV Predator Edition

Don't Get Mad, Get Even: YouTube is already good for bringing fame and fortune to people, whether they deserve it or not. Now an Arlington man is hoping it's good for bringing justice, too. After someone took a TV he'd ordered online off his porch, Rob Richards posted surveillance video of the delivery and the heist [...]

Don’t Touch My Package

Martha Stevenson likes to stay fashionable. But because of what she suspects is a lurking thief, that hasn't been easy of late, so she's thinking of setting up a trap.
It's been griped about on District neighborhood message boards for years now: Packages left out front by delivery drivers will sometimes vanish. Since moving to D.C. [...]

Bike Theft: A Victim, a Cop, and a Thief on Capitol Hill

Read Scott Martin says he never left his bike—a silver Specialized Rockhopper he bought used– untended or unlocked until, one afternoon, he did. Stopping off at a friend's Capitol Hill office building for a quick chat, Martin left his bike outside, behind a wrought iron gate and leaned into the storefront's doorway. The bike was [...]