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A Day After Being Stabbed, Anwan “Big G” Glover Still Loves D.C.

Anwan "Big G" Glover—known by most for his role on The Wire, but better known in D.C. as the frontman of go-go group Backyard Band—says he is always going to love D.C.
The artist was stabbed and beaten in a fight early Sunday morning by people he says he didn't know while inside Cafe Asia, a nightclub on I Street NW, [...]

The Blotter: Potomac Gardens Is The New Langston Terrace

D.C.'s Barksdale Crew?: A police source offers fresh details about the alleged Potomac Gardens drug ring that suffered a huge blow earlier this month.  Police ostensibly busted up the crew–connected to an alleged drug market in the public housing complex–when they made 15 arrests. A police source says cops had been working a case against the heroin-cocaine crew for several [...]

Is Marion Barry Our Clay Davis?

Simon Says Name The Cops Involved In Shootings. We Agree.

On Sunday, David Simon published an op-ed in the Post railing against the Baltimore Police Department's recent refusal to release the names of cops involved in shootings. (He also pissed on the press—MSM and "citizen bloggers"—for not challenging the department on its no-names policy.
Simon writes: