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Morning Roundup: The “Homer Simpson Gets a Thumbs-Up From the Pope, Sort Of” Edition

Good morning, City Desk readers. Last I met you in this space, we were engaging in panic about the impending Snowpocalypse. And I didn't even know then about the snowball-toting anarchists!
Speaking of anarchists, President Barack Obama phoned in yesterday to WTOP's "Ask the Governor," on which Virginia's outgoing chief executive, Tim Kaine, was taking a [...]

Homicidal Pumpkin Spotted in D.C.

My buddy, Lou Cantolupo, designed this ghastly pumpkin diorama (click to expand the image) well before The Simpsons aired this year's "Treehouse of Horror" episode, in which the Grand Pumpkin, in a blood-soaked ode to the old Peanuts' Halloween special, goes on a rampage. Lou got his inspiration, instead, from this site. My wife, Carrie, [...]