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Our Morning Roundup: Hung Up Edition

Good Morning, City Desk readers!  While City Paper is busy commemorating Sexist Day here at the office, all sorts of newsy events are happening all over the city, so here it is.

Alexandria Police Chief David P. Baker announced his retirement yesterday afternoon, ending a 40-year career in law enforcement.  This comes in the aftermath of [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Washington Times “Owns” Chas Freeman Story

Good morning, City Desk readers. The one and only Ted Scheinman is chilling in the tropics this week, and yours truly has been tasked with turning regular Wednesday roundup into WTF?! Wednesday roundup. How about this weather, huh? Huh? The boss (as in, my boss) knows what I'm talking about. News and commentary about Phish, [...]

How Does Mike Riggs Resemble Edward Cullen?

And other equally vapid questions answered by yours truly and the Sexist's Amanda Hess in this week's Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back. Head on over to gender land to check out our Twilight-centric podcast.

OMG, New Sexist Podcast!

Head on over to the Sexist, dear readers, for a delicious Five Minutes (bordering six) You'll Never Get Back, during which Amanda Hess and Yours Truly talk about gay marriage, election-inspired Craigslist hook ups, and gender bias. Also: Intern Bobby asks Democrats how they'll make peace with the lose–er, Republicans (Hint: it ain't happenin'.)

Our Morning Roundup

* Miss the debate? Don't head to the live blogs: Head to the live blog of the live blogs.
* G.W. student blog The Colonialist has a couple photos of Dick Cheney being released from G.W. Hospital. He waves.
* Dear China: Wish we could give you some advice on this whole fledgling democracy thing. Regrets, The [...]

Fuego/Frio: The Orator, the Warrior, and an Unspeakable Headline

This week, Erik rolls up his sleeves and calls foul on the In Towner (for yet another god-awful headline) and the Atlantic (for some classic hash & rehash).
This week's shocker: Erik actually enjoyed "One Ring Circus" from the Post magazine's wedding week edition. Wonder what the Sexist would say....
Meanwhile, the burning question: will the [...]

Sexy Time at the City Paper

Dearest Readers,
Does Fuego/Frio leave you cold?
Have you found yourself wishing that Loose Lips meant something a little bawdier?
Is City Desk, for all its inimitable accomplishments, a bit...well, flaccid?
Then cower no longer 'neath the sterile quilt of sensual deprivation! The Sexist, our new sex & gender blog, is here to fulfill all your procreative blogging [...]