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The Saloon: Restaurant That’s Really a Pub Will Soon be a Tavern

Shortly after his appearance before the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on Wednesday, despite having a somewhat slight build, Kamal "Commie" Jahanbein stubbornly rolls heavy metal kegs of German lager through a door that leads into his darkened establishment.
Moments ago, with the same stubbornness, he had told the board he wasn't [...]

The Saloon Refuses to Bow

Though it's become a cornerstone of the neighborhood, don't think Kamal Jahanbein couldn't just up and move The Saloon. He's done it before. Back when he had "issues" in Georgetown, the pugnacious beer expert packed up his operation and left. That's despite having hung around the neighborhood for some 18 years. Jahanbein later [...]

If You Like Getting Drunk, It’s All Your Fault

If you live in the District and like getting your drink on, it may be your fault that three D.C. establishments are in trouble.
Three faintly lit watering holes, Jo Jo Restaurant & Bar and The Saloon on U Street, and Bobby Lew's Saloon in Adams Morgan, are getting scrutinized by the [...]