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National Pale Radio?

The open letter is a format that probably deserves to be dragged out back and shot. Still, I'm with Root editor Joel Dreyfuss on his complaints about how white white white NPR is, to new head Gary Knell:
NPR has long reflected that liberal myopia. As far back as 1993, the liberal watchdog Fairness & Accuracy in [...]

Welcome to D.C., New Media!

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention two new entrants to the business of covering the city. Today marked the launch of The Atlantic Cities, helmed by longtime District newshound Sommer Mathis, and Huffington Post DC, which is being led by City Paper alum Michael Grass.
While Atlantic Cities will take a broader approach to worldwide urbanism and [...]

Asking a Rude Question of Courtland Milloy

A recent piece on The Root mentions my question to profile subject and Washington Post Metro columnist Courtland Milloy for a story in last week's dead tree version of the Washington City Paper: Whether the well-known, and lately Obama-taunting, writer likes white people. Root editor Natalie Hopkinson figures out one reason I asked: "Even [...]

Bike Stealing Can Bring Out Racism

Someone has finally discovered post-racial America's deepest darkest secret: It's racist.
Nsenga Burton of The Root notes that the show What Would You Do?—a gimmicky program that runs sociological experiments, Candid Camera-style—discovered this distressing news when it dispatched two fake bike thieves to a predominantly white park. The scenario produced heinous, [...]

Michael Steele Visits Howard, Gets Heckled, Heckles Back

Michael Steele wasn't exactly feeling the love last night at Howard. A group of young black Republicans at the historically-black university hosted the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee on his so-called "Freedom Tour," a series of town hall meetings on health care and other topics of the day. Yesterday, those topics included [...]