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Are U Street NW Restaurants “Swagger-Jacking?” Maybe, but Our Conversation Needs to Go Deeper

Are establishments like The Brixton and Busboys & Poets guilty of "swagger-jacking?" That's what Stephen A. Crockett Jr. accuses them of today on The Root D.C.—and along the way connects their allegedly pilfered vibes to broader changes in the District:
It’s an inappropriate tradition of sorts that has rent increasing, black folks moving further out — sometimes [...]

Wearing Chuck Taylors Doesn’t Make You Special

Look. I love Chuck Taylors as much as the next person who went to high school in the '90s. There's a beat-up, 11-year-old pair of low-tops peeking out from under my bed right now. And I love Sublime the way any good native Californian should. But I found this essay in the Root D.C.—the Post's [...]

Happy Unemployment Day

Another month, another sign that the economy isn't improving: the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the unemployment rate—9.1 percent—is unchanged, and about 103,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. In a timely move, The Root D.C. went over to Ward 8, where unemployment is at 20 percent, to talk to some skilled [...]