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Chatter: Pot and Bothered

Last week’s Pot Issue concerned the many debates over the District’s increasing acceptance of marijuana in its various forms (medicinal, legalized, brownie-shaped). Luckily, the dialogue in our comments sections was, for the most part, slightly more elevated than the late-night dorm-room conversations of our university days.
In one article, Martin Austermuhle laid out the various logistical challenges [...]

Five Things Colorado Learned From Legalizing Pot

1. Don’t panic. The worst-case scenarios predicted by many law enforcers and hardliners have largely failed to materialize in Colorado. The ability to legally possess an ounce of weed hasn’t been a precursor to complete societal collapse.
2. Establish legal equity. Colorado didn’t create a mechanism to expunge the criminal records of people convicted of behavior that’s [...]

Five Things Washington (and Seattle) Learned From Legalizing Pot

1. Your city won’t implode—at least, ours didn’t. Before Washington state and Colorado legalized pot last fall, Seattle voters back in 2003 made pot possession crimes the city’s “lowest priority.” Arrests fell significantly. Prosecutors had warned us, of course, that kids would get hooked, stoners would flood treatment centers, and pot-related crimes would rise (pot-induced [...]

I’m a Pot Dealer in the District. Here’s What Changing Weed Laws Mean to Me.

For the past five or six years, my clients have asked me, “If weed is legalized, will you still be in business?” or, “Will your price go up or down?” Even as D.C. moves closer to making pot legal or decriminalized, my answers haven’t changed: “I’m still here,” and “Prices are, and always will be, [...]

Why Aren’t More D.C. Doctors Recommending Medical Marijuana?

Three months in, D.C.’s medical marijuana regime is not where it’s supposed to be. As of Oct. 21, medical marijuana licenses had been obtained by only 59 District residents—patients who are expected to keep D.C.’s three new medical dispensaries and three fledgling cultivation centers afloat. “We were anticipating in the first couple of months to [...]

Critical Grass: D.C.’s First Medical Marijuana Reviews

In D.C.’s fledgling medical marijuana regime, Warren was patient 3.
The makeup artist and hair stylist was the third person in the District to obtain a medical marijuana license after the city’s first legal dispensaries opened this summer, which, for now, makes him and fewer than 60 others members of one of D.C.’s most exclusive clubs. [...]

What Legalized Weed Could Look Like in D.C.

One Friday evening in the not-too-distant future, you leave the Metro after work and stop to do some errands on your way home. You pick up your dry cleaning. You swing by the grocery store to get some milk. And you’re going to a party later that night, so you stop at the liquor store [...]