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The Needle: D.C. Politicians Being “Shady as Shit”

Farewell, Duffy's.

The Needle: Swift Retrocession

Early voting turnout looks promising.

The Needle: Party On

Everyone gets an extra hour Saturday night.

The Needle: Rock the Vote

“A creeper mustache (essentially looked like Mayor Gray with more of a goatee)”

The Needle: Mourning George Washington

And yes, the Red Line really does suck.

The Needle: Started From the Bottom, Now Drake’s at Stadium Club

Also, Ben Bradlee's funeral will be on TV.

The Needle: Tracking Progress

Phew: Rest assured, bikes will be allowed to ride on the H Street NE streetcar lane once it starts operating. +5
This House Is on Fire: Washington Firehouse Restaurant, which is housed in a three-story historic firehouse, opens tonight in Bloomingdale. +2

The Needle: We’re Toast

Oh, what people will do for a Foo Fighter ticket.

The Needle: Foo Fight

Arlington man does pushups. Naked!

The Needle: Counting One Crow

An ode to the "once-dicey" Adams Morgan

The Needle: Breaking Zen

Sunshine is coming our way this weekend.

The Needle: Marcin Gortat’s Fish is Still Swimming

D.C. keeps getting snobbier.

The Needle: At His Beck and Call

Also: Welcome to D.C., Stevie Wonder.

The Needle: Gold Ebbitt Grill

Fine, NYC. You're more expensive than D.C.

The Needle: State of the Union

Free puppies!