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The Needle: Political Dangers

Bowser Hazards: A man posing as a cable guy stole two cell phones from Muriel Bowser's parents' home. Man picked the wrong home to rob. -3
Moon Dance: There is a full "supermoon" tonight, which means you can expect a 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter full moon than the full moons of 2013. +3

The Needle: The Members of Congress Among Us

Above the Traffic: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton sent a letter to the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (USRC) asking it to get a plan together to address traffic congestion in front of Union Station because her office has received complaints "from residents, Members of Congress, congressional staff and bus companies that they are missing trains or having to [...]

The Needle: Derecho on The Sly

DerWhatNow?:  Although it's not official, there is evidence to suggest that a derecho—you know, a "derecho is “a widespread, long-lived, convectively-generated wind storm"—swept across the D.C. area Tuesday night, according to Capital Weather Gang. -2
Panda Time: Watch Bao Bao and Mei Xiang eat fruitsicle treats. +3

The Needle: Let Them Eat Cake!

Cupcake Apocalypse: Crumbs Bake Shop announced it will close all of its stores nationwide, including three in D.C., signaling a potential end to the cupcake craze. Which cupcake shop is next? +3
Big Whoops: Employees at the National Institute of Health stumbled across 16 vials of smallpox sitting in a laboratory room in Bethesda last week. There is no indication that anyone has [...]

District Line Daily: Zebras Go Extinct

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D.C.'s Department of Transportation will get rid of the zebra barriers that were intended to [...]

The Needle: Winning Streak

Sunny Sundays: The District has had "spectacular" weekend weather for 14 straight weeks, with an average high temperature of 78 degrees and an average low of 58 degrees during this period on the weekends. Let's hope this doesn't jinx it. +3
Game On: Rep. Andy Harris–the Maryland Republican who introduced an amendment to block D.C.'s marijuana decriminalization law—played it real [...]

The Needle: Son of a Beach

Protest City: Mayor Vince Gray thinks D.C. residents should consider ditching their summer vacation plans after Rep. Andy Harris, who represents all of Maryland's Eastern shore, successfully introduced an amendment in Congress to block D.C.'s marijuana decriminalization bill. If residents do decide to vacation there, Gray said he would not be averse if they "picket places that he [...]

The Needle: Home Court Advantage

Cheering Section: It's safe to assume the U.S. team has a louder cheering section than the Belgians today. There are only 1,448 Belgians living in the D.C. area, comprising 0.03 percent of the region's total population. So let's hope the U.S. team can hear what's happening in Freedom Plaza. +4
Darwin Award: Three men carjacked a woman waiting outside of [...]

The Needle: Arlington Bro Strikes Again

Car Crawl: Police arrested and stun-gunned a naked man driving a car that hit three other vehicles during a bar crawl event in the Clarendon area this weekend. The man, who was in fact wearing socks, was celebrating his 23rd birthday at the "All American Bar Crawl." God Bless America! -4
This Town: Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen's security [...]

The Needle: Guinea Pig Recipe

Keeping It Real: José Andrés says he will consider putting a guinea pig dish—a traditional Peruvian delicacy—on the menu of his new Peruvian-Chinese restaurant, China Chilcano, set to open in Penn Quarter this fall. As long as it's not a small plate (well, a plate not much smaller than a guinea pig, anyway), could be interesting. +2
Red [...]

The Needle: Fort NoNo

Fort GoGo: Fort Reno canceled its annual concert series this summer because of the National Park Service's new demand that they hire a U.S. Park Police officer for each concert. -6
Darwin Award Contender: A man wearing a "Trust No One" shirt robbed someone today on 14th and U Streets NW. +2

The Needle: Look at Him Now

Still Not Over: Chris Brown rejected a plea deal on his misdemeanor assault charges in D.C. Court today, which means this still isn't over and there could be a trial in D.C. -4
Pony Up: Increased Metrorail and bus fares go into effect on Sunday. Metrorail fares will increase an average of 3 percent, or 10 cents per trip, [...]

The Needle: Locked Out

The Key to Biking: Capital Bikeshare says that due to a shipment problem, it has run out of the keys needed for members to unlock a bike at its more than 300 stations. New keys are not expected to arrive until July 7.  -4
Tumult Tuesdays: A White House intern fainted during the press briefing today on her [...]

The Needle: In Defense of D.C.

Here We Go Again: Vice had an article this week declaring all the reasons why "D.C. Is the Worst Place Ever"—which was useful only in that it collected every tired and hackneyed gripe about D.C. in one place. (D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people? Thanks, hadn't heard that one before!.) Brightest Young Things struck back today [...]

The Needle: D.C. Etiquette

Dear Abby: How high does the temperature have to climb in order to turn the World War II Memorial's fountain? People are actually doing this. So, oof, let's just hope these are tourists and not us upstanding locals. -2

D.C. is So Hot Right Now: At noon today, when temperatures reached around 92 degrees, D.C. was literally the [...]