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Photos: Rally to Restore Stuff

The Needle: Sanity, Meet Fear Edition

Restore Sanity Here: Information on the Oct. 30 Jon Stewart "Rally to Restore Sanity" has been dribbling out bit by bit since it was announced. Today's news? The location! The rally will take place on the Mall between 3rd and 7th streets. Unless, of course, the rally's FAQ page is just more fake news. No word [...]

Leaving the Mall: Hopeless

People got tired of trying to leave the city:

Cops could have used these:

"Three Million People Trapped On The Mall." This was the headline my travelling companion had given the moment. She was sure it would be the headline of the day. Not Obama's historic presidency. Not Obama's speech. Not Michelle Obama's dress. But the hell [...]

Some Photos From This Morning

Feds: You Can’t Camp Out For the Inauguration

The feds have announced that no one will be allowed to camp out on the Mall for the Inauguration. The earliest you can grab a spot on the parade route is 7 a.m. So instead of a feel-good time, a sea of fleece jackets, and REI gear, we're gonna have a morning gridlock to beat [...]