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Washington’s Beautiful People Love Junk Food, Exercise, According to The Hill

Beautiful People love pie and SoulCycle, just like you.

Capitol Hill’s Most Beautiful People Celebrate Beauty, Beautifully

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton's legislative associate Jason Spear arrived at work Tuesday as usual. And then around 9:30 a.m., Norton called him into her office to congratulate him on being named one of The Hill's "50 Most Beautiful People"—an honor that's purportedly based solely on style and physical appearance, and which is moderately noteworthy in select Washington spheres.
"She said, 'Oh, you didn't [...]

The Hill Ditches Society Section

It's hard out there for a Capitol reporter! Amid the chaos of layoffs and convention-coverage-canceling at CQ Roll Call, City Desk hears that The Hill has axed its Washington Scene society section.
"It hadn't really gained any great traction," says The Hill Editor in Chief Hugo Gurdon. Washington Scene, which Gurdon says operated separately from the rest [...]

District Line Daily: Twilight Mayor

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If it's Thursday, it's City Paper Day. Pick up your copy today and read the [...]

The Least Beautiful Descriptions of The Hill’s Most Beautiful People

People like to complain about The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People list, but how can you not love seeing The Hill's writers strain to stretch any character detail into a one- or two-word defining trait? Someone who eats McDonald's once a month gets the descriptor "McDaddy." A woman saying she doesn't like to wear pearls becomes "Anti-Pearls." [...]

The 15 Dumbest Lines in The Hill‘s “50 Most Beautiful People”

Upholding stereotypes of federal Washington—the superficiality, the high school-esque cliques, the general douchiness—isn't easy. But someone's got to do it, and thankfully, The Hill is on the case. Yesterday, the paper unveiled its annual "50 Most Beautiful People" list, a photo-and-profile spread of the Capitol complex's best looking denizens.
The list is mostly young, and heavily [...]

Day Three at City Paper: Meet, Well, Me

I joined the Washington City Paper family this week, replacing the beloved Jule Banville, the recently departed asst. managing editor and D.C. brunch-culture-hater who was kind enough to leave in her office some very important things, such as an AP Stylebook, two dictionaries and a bottle of Tylenol. She left a rotten banana, too, but [...]

Fuego/Frio: Inadvertent Transparency at the Post

In which The Hill and Pool & Spa give Erik the shivers. The Post, on the other hand, gives us a unique glimpse into the process behind their captions.
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