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What the Examiner Should Have Written About Capital Bikeshare

Things Examiner reporter Liz Essley could’ve written about in today’s Examiner, based on the statistic that there are more driver-biker crashes given the rising number of cyclists in D.C.:

Why more cyclists on the road mean more crashes, but also mean roads are safer
Whether better education is needed for drivers and cyclists
If there's a critical [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Firing Offenses

In the past few weeks, City Desk readers have pissed and moaned about accountability in District government affairs whether it's Marion Barry's 62nd fall from grace, the D.C. Council's investigation into Fenty crony contracts, or Pershing Park. From commenter "Sparkle":
"Vincent Gray and the constituents of ward 8 enabled Barry for decades. I doubt anything has [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Birthers, Ben Stein, and the Nature of Reality

Good morning sweet, sweet, City Desk readers, and welcome to another installment of Freedom Friday! We have a new justice at the Supreme Court of the United States–isn't that exciting? Dear race-baiting Republicans: Better luck next time (kisses).
In other other interesting news, the New York Times fired its second token conservative yesterday. Ben Stein, of [...]