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November in Photos

Photo: Birds, Blue

Little River Turnpike, October 3

900 Block of University Blvd. E, Silver Spring, February 13

700 Block of N. Barton Street, Arlington, February 13

8000 Block of Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda MD, February 7

D.C. ‘Burbs: Worst Place in America for Commuters

Forbes' latest list-y edition puts the D.C. region at No. 4 for most affluent community in the country (McLean was McMansioned out by Dallas 'burb Southlake, NYC 'burb Darien, CT, and San Francisco 'burb Los Altos), but on the shittiest commute front, we're No. 1.
According to the mag, D.C. is "by far the worst part [...]