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Chatter: Answers to No One

In which readers get into the vigilante spirit over something pretty lame

Chatter: Call and Response Response

What you said about what we said last week.

District Line Daily: The Answers Issue

How did the deli So's Your Mom get its name? Why are so many walk lights at intersections twisted the wrong way? Answers to those questions and many more.

The Answers Issue Needs Your Questions!

Last winter, you wanted to know why Metro sometimes smells like rotten fish. We found out. You asked where to find South Carolina-style barbecue in the District. No problem. And you wondered what the deal is with a silly reggae song about Adams Morgan. We figured it out. (And we couldn't get the song out of our heads [...]

The Answers Column: Who Tweets for Marion Barry?

Earlier this year, Washington City Paper ran its second annual Answers Issue. And while we were able to address 27 questions—ranging from "Does D.C. have an Iron Dome?" to "Why does Metro smell like rotten fish sometimes?"—there are plenty of sharp queries we couldn't get to.
That's why we're reviving a feature we toyed with back [...]

Got Questions? Our Answers Issue Has Answers.

Want to be our assignment editor? For the second year in a row, you've got the chance.
On Jan. 24, Washington City Paper will publish The Answers Issue, our yearly satisfaction of our readers' most nagging editorial itches. "Why do taxi drivers have so much political power?" one reader wondered last year, and Alan Suderman explained. [...]