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Unobstructed View: Thanks to Those Who Make Sports Possible

Not everyone working this holiday makes six figures.

The Needle: Turkey Dance

Black Friday, but for brunch

Photos: 43rd Annual Turkey Bowl

Slideshow.  Dunbar defeats Anacostia, 12-8.  Nov. 22nd.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Photo: Heart

Nov.  22nd.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

D.C. Bar Urges Customers to “Drink Like an Indian”

After McFadden's landed at the top of Complex's list of D.C.'s Douchiest Bars, I spent a little time defending them. They're OK—they're a kind of fun college bar!
Well, turns out I was wrong, because they went and did something heinous (above). No, not the caramel apple shots (although those too). DCist points out that, with [...]

Turkey Thicket

This was the year that Marion Barry discovered the concept of nudge.
After a debacle—no turkeys!—at his 2010 annual giveaway, the Ward 8 councilmember announced plans earlier this fall to revamp the affair by using the prospect of a free bird to encourage positive behaviors: To get a turkey, constituents would have had to do things [...]

What Do Local Progressives Have To Be Thankful For?

This week, various poverty rights orgs tried to blogged on what they're thankful for. Save Our Safety Net led the effort and a bunch of local progressives penned heartfelt thanks on their own blogs—maybe giving Councilmember Marion Barry material for his next op-ed. It's also their way of highlighting programs that they hope Mayor-Elect Vincent Gray [...]

The Needle: Thanksgiving Edition

Congestion Nation: Apparently traffic has gotten so bad that the Weather Channel has started covering it, as if it were a natural phenomenon like fog or a snowstorm. The network has a Thanksgiving travel rating up today, which ranks the southern portion of the Beltway the seventh-worst road in the nation this weekend. Friday, though, [...]

The Needle: Don’t Run Me Over Edition

Insult to Injury: Riding a bike around D.C. often feels like taking your life into your hands. And with good reason; drivers are constantly standing by, ready to run you over at any minute! That's bad enough, but one cyclist who got hit by a taxi last month was also given a traffic ticket for [...]

Morning Roundup: Why Are You Reading a Morning Roundup on Thanksgiving? Edition

Welcome to what stands to be the least-read City Desk post of all time! Above, please find a photo of my brother-in-law. As you can see, the lessons on how to dress himself are going well! More important, that man can fry a turkey. By the time you read this, I will be at his [...]

Sarah Palin Talks, Man Kills Turkey In Video

Call it 2 Turkeys 1 Former Veep Nominee. No this is not a secret PETA video. This is the latest installment of Sarah Palin: The Swan Song.
Maybe this is the end of the media blitz. Maybe we will never see this clown again. Maybe we will never get to hear her whine about waving-the-white-flag-of-surrender, hear [...]

Cold (on) Turkey

Call me a Communist. But I don't like turkey all that much. If I did, I'd eat some of those awful oven-roasted turkey sandwiches at the deli, but frankly I'd rather eat the plastic that encases the meat. Don't get me wrong, I've choked down (and sometimes even enjoyed) dry, tasteless turkey during Thanksgiving—if, of [...]